New DSLR camera? Which DSLR is good? Tips for buying best DSLR

New DSLR camera

Photography in the electronic era is of great significance. That’s why the camera is a very useful factor in all the smartphones we use. But many of us are interested in buying the DSLR equipment for cameras to overcome the limits of the camera attached to other devices. Here is what I want to say is useful for everyone who takes the first step from the mobile camera to the new DSLR camera. Which canon camera is to buy in 2018 and  2019? New DSLR camera

Which brand? New DSLR camera

New DSLR camera

In DSLR  world there are two major market leaders: Canon and Nikon! The third power behind these two top giant is the manufacturer Sony. Other well-known and also good DSLR manufacturers are also Pentax Olympus ,Samsung or Sigma!. But which brand should I choose? If you think there is a particular manufacturer for “the” best DSLR camera for beginners, unfortunately, it must be disappointed to say there is no brand to say each offers top performance and features. New DSLR camera

The advantage of a Nikon, Canon or Sony DSLR is that apart from the large selection of different models, you will also find the best and largest selection in terms of lenses and accessories . And that not only means products from the original manufacturer. But also cheaper third-party manufacturers offer just for these three brands an excellent variety of accessories. These include flash units, lenses, filters, etc.. New DSLR camera

Another reason that speaks for an entry-level DSLR from Nikon, Canon  or Sony, is that these manufacturers are also very strong in the professional segment represented. If you later have the desire to buy a higher-quality and more professional SLR camera, you will stay true to its brand. And so you can continue to use the majority of your purchased accessories such as lenses after the camera update. New DSLR camera

Don’t overvalue Megapixels: New DSLR camera

New DSLR camera

Most of the DSLR cameras starting from entry level offers high picture quality. But the manufacturers never tire of advertising with particularly high megapixel numbers. Whereby you need not pay too much attention to the resolution of the camera. There is hardly any mirror reflex that has below 8 or 12 megapixels. Most are 12 to 24 megapixels. From a resolution of 12 megapixels differences for the eye are actually no longer recognizable and even 8 megapixels are still more than adequate for a beginner DSLR. New DSLR camera

Best camera buying guide, Things to understand before buying DSLR

If you want to play it safe and maybe want to print your photos more often than poster print. You might want to opt for 12 megapixels – but not necessarily. After all, many cheap lenses are usually not able to technically even out the high-resolution sensors (for example, 24 megapixels). In other words, a 24 MP sensor with many lenses offers little or no marginal benefits compared to a 12 MP sensor. Like in tests again and again  has been confirmed, a loss of image quality is more rapidly observed with high-resolution sensors in darker light conditions than is the case with lower resolution sensors. New DSLR camera

Yes, a good resolution is important in the purchase of a beginner DSLR, but all currently available on the market models have guaranteed enough megapixels (from 8 MP) on board! In addition, especially beginners do not notice or see the subtle differences in picture quality. The ‘fine eye’ will only develop over the course of time and continuous experience in the field of photography. New DSLR camera

Importance of Sensor: New DSLR camera   

New DSLR camera


On the camera side, the sensor or the sensor size is the decisive component for the image quality. BUT: Choosing the right lenses is even more important. What you should remember when buying and comparing the different entry-level SLR cameras is the fact that the following rule applies for the sensor size. The bigger and the better!

Especially when taking photos in low light conditions, the large sensors play out their strength and guarantee a higher image quality. In addition, a small depth of field is easier to achieve with a large image sensor. In terms of practice, this means that the backgrounds can blur more , which is considered pleasant and beautiful. Finally, when you look at it, the focus is more on the subject in the photo. New DSLR camera

1) Among DSLR models, especially the APS-C format or DX format is widespread and very popular with Nikon ( Nikon SLR ) with about 23 x 15 millimeters. Almost all SLR cameras,even the  entry-level models, have the APS-C format on board. New DSLR camera

2)The next common level of sensor size is then the full format. Also called 35mm format or FX format at Nikon, which has 36 x 24 millimeters. As a rule, these sensors are only installed in high-priced cameras and are thus of little relevance to most newcomers. New DSLR camera

3)But there are even smaller image formats than the APS-C format. Here, the Four Third or Micro Four Thirds format (17.3 x 13 millimeters). Or the 2/3 “format with 8.8 x 6.6 millimeters can be listed. These sensors are found especially in smaller, more compact cameras such as mirror less system camera. Here, the handle to a larger sensor is recommended. New DSLR camera

Choose your lens: New DSLR camera

A big advantage of the SLR cameras is that you can change the lenses and thus you can stock up for the different photography areas. (Eg: portrait, animal, sports, landscape, macro photography ) with special interchangeable lenses. But for starters, the included kit lens, sell along with the camera is more than sufficient to engage with the camera and digital photography in depth and intensity. Those who enjoy photography will certainly buy new objects over time. New DSLR camera

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