Mobile theft tracker, How to find your lost android, iPhone devices

mobile theft tracker

Its quiet common incident today that the mobiles phones get lost or stolen. There are people around us who steal mobile phones, and sell them or some use stolen mobile themselves by changing the SIM. But today we give you instructions and advice’s on. “How to track you phone and find it with the help of GPRS once its lost or  like Mobile theft tracker.
Dial *#06# on your dial pad and note down and save the 15 digit number displayed on your screen.
Whenever your phone got lost or theft mail this 15 digit number to the Along with your Address, Phone Company, Phone Model number, email id and date of theft. Mobile theft tracker

This will help the Police to locate your phone within 24 hours with the help of GPRS even if the thief change your sim card and using it with a new one police can easily track your phone precisely.

How to Find your lost Android device, best app for find lost phone. Mobile theft tracker

The lost phone can be found with the help of Find My Device, now available on most Android phones. This service will automatically track your phone’s location. If you are sure that the phone is lost or stolen, this application can also be removed from the phone and important data. But you need to set this app in advance. mobile theft tracker

Here is the way to setup your phone,  I used my android 8.1 phone to show the screenshots. Options may be different in older or newer versions of android. But you can follow the method to setup find my device. mobile theft tracker

Go to the Settings – more settings-and- Security. mobile theft tracker


Now on the security status, click on the Find My Device. mobile theft tracker

First tun On the option, then You need to setup Location service if it is turned off. mobile theft tracker

After that, install the Find My device Application from Google Play store. Then setup with your email account. mobile theft tracker


Once you fully enabled the option, you will be able to use  Find my device app or by using “ This is a very useful tip for remember and always be cautiousness about your phone. mobile theft tracker

How to use Find my Device.

Find lost mobile phone, best mobile tracking method

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