How to manage your diabetes best tips

Manage diabetes blood sugar

If a person is diagnosed with diabetes, that is a shock, but soon you have to think about how to treat the diabetes. This includes a change in many habits that could make it even worse. But that is no reason to panic, because diabetes is a very common disease and there are many people who can live with it without any problems. In order to properly start the treatment of diabetes, one must first determine what stage it is in. In the initial stage, the disease is still “reversible” by lowering the blood sugar levels permanently. But in the advanced stage, there are no more functional islet cells in the pancreas and thus no chance of recovery. Here, however, efforts are made to ensure that the disease does not progress further and the consequential damage is reduced. diabetes check, Manage diabetes blood sugar.

Here are some Tips about how to manage your diabetes: how to cure diabetes

Zero Sugarblood sugar test. Manage diabetes blood sugar 

Almost every one was familiar with this tip. However, the impact of its implementation on well-being and health is indescribable. Alone, if your previously sweetened drinks change them for water or unsweetened tea, the risk of diabetes decreases by up to 25 percent. So stop eating sugar – sugar in every industrially processed form. This includes table sugar, whole cane sugar, cane sugar, beet sugar, fructose and all syrupy sweeteners such as agave syrup, corn syrup, honey, etc. You should also avoid conventional sweeteners as these increase the risk of diabetes. It will not be easy, but you can do it. The first 30 days pass quickly. However, in order to get away from your sugar addiction forever, you will need six months experience.

Eat Superfoods: Manage diabetes blood sugar

Superfoods are foods, dietary supplements or entire dishes that have a particularly high content of vital substances. Replace ordinary meals with superfood meals. The superfoods include, for example, green vegetables and leaf. Almond milk is a superfood and at the same time a wonderful snack. Other super foods are, hemp seed , chia seeds and of course the blood sugar lowering capsaicin from the chili pepper. Manage diabetes blood sugar 

Exercise every day: Manage diabetes blood sugar

Even a 30-minute walk has a wonderful effect to prevent or manage diabetes. The important thing is that you go for a walk every day. So it’s not about setting records, it’s about making sure that you’re really moving DAILY. As well as a tidy muscle can have a positive effect on your diabetes. Manage diabetes blood sugar

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Get some sunlight: Manage diabetes blood sugar

More than 70 percent of the population suffers from vitamin D deficiency. Such a deficiency promotes the development of many diseases: Diabetes, cancer, heart disease , kidney disease, multiple sclerosis and many more. It is therefore extremely important, to bring sun to your skin DAILY, as vitamin D is formed in the skin with the help of solar radiation. In winter, no vitamin D formation is possible in central and northern Europe due to the low position of the sun. In the winter months, therefore, take enough dosed vitamin D supplements.Swap industrially processed foods for fresh foods: Reduce the use of fast food and other junk food habits limit the intake of meat, Instead, use unlimited quantities of vegetables, whole foods, nuts, sprouts, seeds, high-quality oils and fats, and occasionally fish. Manage diabetes blood sugar

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Provide yourself with magnesium: Manage diabetes blood sugar

The relationship between diabetes and magnesium deficiency is not yet well known. Nevertheless, studies have shown that a large proportion of diabetics suffer from a chronic magnesium deficiency. Of course, magnesium alone can not cure diabetes, but without magnesium, a cure is not possible. Since green leafy vegetables are a wonderful source of magnesium. Manage diabetes blood sugar

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