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Do some simple tweaks and get faster Internet access.

In this Internet age, In many countries, Internet Speed has been improved efficiently. However, this is only in developed countries. As a Indian citizen, My country is 67th according to the current world ranking. You can also check the global raking of your country as well here.  Many of us are facing with this major problem, “slow Internet connection”. We all have to do anything to increase the speed of the Internet connection. But no one willing to spend money for it instead of existing internet plan to get faster internet access. Anyway,  in this article some of the strategies that have succeeded for me.

But i’m not sure How much changes will get your browsing speed. But you can experience some of the noticeable increases on your internet speed. You can also check this link for other options – Speed up internet 

Lets  began the steps with screenshots.

Open the desktop then on search bar, type “gpedit.msc” and Click OK or  Open run and type this code in to it. Windows Key + R for opening run command.

Screenshot (93)

Six important things to get faster internet connection speed

In the Local Group Policy Editor, under the Computer configuration  select the Administrative Templates > Network.

Screenshot (95)

Select the “Qos Packer Scheduler” then move to right side, double click on Limit reservable bandwidth  

Screenshot (97)

Now change settings from Not Configured to Enable,  and  in the option section , make “0” to bandwidth limit .

Screenshot (100)


For video tutorials :

Believe that this will help you. Also check the links that related to this articles included on the page. If you are a online gamer this bellow topic  will helps you to fix, slow online game performance!.

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