How to speed up computer performance? this is one of the main search questions on the Internet for the past 10 years. So here i have composed a useful and best tips for a phenomenal changes in the computer speed. If you are really want to speed up your PC, these following step by step guide will helps you a lot. You should see changes in the computer speed after doing all procedure. I can guaranty 50% of increases in performance speed based on hardware standards. FIX SLOW COMPUTER SPEED

Best Ways to Speed Up Computer Performance

1. Speed up PC by Virus Scan 

One of the most important problems that can affect your computer are viruses, such as malware and spyware. These are small, but these little viruses can inflict devastation on your PC speed. Detecting and removing viruses is an excellent procedure to enhance your computer speed and performance. Fix slow computer speed  

2. Speed up PC by Defragment of hard drive

If you use the computer for a long time without any type of system cleaning, eventually the files system and data on your hard drive gets dispersed. Once you perform optimization with drive defragment, all data will be forming correctly. And windows could be able perceive and access the data easily. As a result of that, computer performance will increase way better. You can use drive defragment from the properties of the hard drive and tool tab section. But also there are lot of best third party tools available in the industry. Fix slow computer speed  

A best registry cleaner will allow you to run system defragment and system optimization. Check here to find top registry cleaner. Registry cleaner are unique PC speed booster, so you should use any of the cleaner tools once a week. Fix slow computer speed  

3. Speed up PC by Regular Temp files cleaning 

Your Windows dump files are gradually expanding. This will reduces the space of your computer and affects the functioning of the applications. But Web Pages are also storing the temporary files, when the first time you view them in your web browser. This will speeds up the web pages you visit all the time or you already seen, because Your exciting browser can open them from your drive instead of from the internet. fix-slow-computer-speedFIX SLOW COMPUTER SPEED

However, after you finish browsing the existing temp file will be remained in the folder. To clear the temp files, you need to open run box and type “%temp%” without quotation. It will pop up the temp folder from the system and from there you can easily clean all data. Sometimes few files won’t be able removed, it is because those files are associated with the running background application. Fix slow computer speed  

4. Speed up PC by Uninstall unused application

We all are uses many different applications to do things in computer. However, most of the applications we have installed are not always used. The key to avoiding the lag of the computer is ‘uninstall the unnecessary applications’. It could be the main task to increase the performance of the computer. Here you can get the application for advance UN-installation, which will allows you to remove a app entirely from the computer included its registry entries.
If you are a regular internet user, there are much chances to get malicious applications. It might be installed to your computer without your permission. So finding the such applications are another solution. You can use antivirus program for detecting malicious applications. Click here for find best antivirus program.

5. Speed up PC by End up the .exe from Task Manager 

The Task Manager is an operating system component found in any versions of Microsoft Windows computer. Which will allows you to determine the all system functional operations. On the processes section you can be find the .exe files of the application on the system. Windows 10 OS give us best user friendly setup to execute the .exe files.


There are 3 different section, first one is apps.
Here you can see the apps that are currently opened on the desktop. fix-slow-computer-speed

Second is background Processfix-slow-computer-speed
Apps files that running in the background, it may contain unwanted .exe operation. From here you can end up the useless .exe files. However, Ending a process in the Task Manager stops the process for your current session only. You may need to stops the kind of system process from running each time you reboot your system. Genuine third party applications only starts its .exe file manually. (means its components starts only while the app starts). You can find the details of the each and every .exe files in the internet.

Third is Windows Processfix-slow-computer-speed

These are the prohibited area. You are not allowed to stop process from this entries, because its all related to system operated files. fix-slow-computer-speed

6. Speed up PC by Adjusting the graphic controls and visual effects

Graphic card gradually uses for best user experience on the computer.  If you are a gamer or professional business user you may need to enhance the system performance with graphic controller. Check here for best graphic card.  In spite of that, if you notice system lag. It could be the reason of wrong configuration of graphic component. So make sure graphic supported files are running correctly. fix-slow-computer-speed

Visual option : Best for on board graphic system

Windows provides a number of visual effects like animated windows and drop shadows etc.. These effects, often slow down your computer performance. To speed up the computer performance you would be need to set some changes on your computer visual effects. fix-slow-computer-speed


I can sure you, will be find much differences on the PC speed based on component performance. READ MORE: FIX FOR WINDOWS 10 CRASH

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