Find lost mobile phone, best mobile tracking method

find lost mobile phone

Find your android mobile phone easily with Google web. Before that, Please read this early article “Find my Phone“. To determine whether you’ve already created the required security settings before losing your phone. If the scraped phone is switched off then these methods are not helpful. But such subtleties that you advance may help you to some extent. find lost mobile phone

Let’s see how to find the phone with web. find lost mobile phone

If you are registered in the “find my device” app. You probably use any of your email address to connect with the app. You can use that email address and password to login to required application. find lost mobile phone

  1. Open a web browser 
  2. enter this link to browser URL “
  3. Now use your email address and password.

Once you login to find my device website, there you will be find two options to choose. 1. Play sound, 2. Setup secure & Erase. find lost mobile phone

Play Sound

Once you use play sound, the device will start ringing even if the phone in silent mode. This option is useful to find nearby devices. find lost mobile phone

Setup Secure & Erase. find lost mobile phone

These two options can be used if your phone is stolen. Secure option, will be block other user from accessing the home screen of your phone. Erase Option, this is more advanced mode and you may need to use if your phone is hard to retrieve.



However, these options are only usable if the device is staying connected to internet. Otherwise it will be hard to find the phone. But these are the initial options that you should attempt.  You can also use some of the third party applications which is considerably good options you may needed or for a try.

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