Six important things to get faster internet connection speed

How to Speed up internet connection and how to make stable and high speed internet.

On this page you can find some good solutions to speedy internet. Typically, In the first days of the Internet connection it probably shows you the good performance. But, it seems, as the decline in the browsing speed after a few days. Bellow you can see some of the ways to solve it.

Number 1 : Delete virus. 

The virus is one of the most important causes of slowing down the speed of the Internet, So the first thing is, make sure that your computer is 100% free of virus. If your computer is infected, delete it by using a good antivirus program.

Top Best Antivirus Program for computer [ Top five anti malware ]

Number 2: Select best Browser. 

Now, There are a lot of  Net browsing software available, select the appropriate browser on your computer. Changing the browser can make a big difference in your browsing experience.  Find out top 5 browsing software. 

Get faster Internet access with simple steps | speedup internet

Number 3: clean up browser.

Once a week, clean the caches, history and cookies from your browser. It also helps to have a stable browsing speed. For that i would suggest you to use the latest version of the “C cleaner”.

Number 4 : make some tweaks in the NETWORK.

  1. Stop the bandwidth limiting, click here for more.
  2. Get the fastest IP for DNS (using the open DNS )

If you use Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4),then select it and click on the Properties button.

Screenshot (102)

select the Use the following DNS server addresses. And add these two IP address and

Screenshot (103)

If  you are using Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6, then follow this steps. ( Open DNS for IPv6 )

Screenshot (104) Screenshot (105)


Top 5 Best Registry Cleaners to improve the performance of PC

Number 5 : Make some Tweaks in your Browser. 

Change the browser default settings, for example in the Google chrome, see the image bellow .

Screenshot (107) Screenshot (108)

Top five fastest browsers on windows 10 ( top 5 best browser in 2018)

Number 6 :  Router Capabilities.

Confirm that your router has the ability to support the maximum connection speed provided by your ISP. Because some routers have been established using the old technology, it isn’t fully supported in the new high-speed network signals.


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