Crypto Money The important things you should understand

Crypto Money

“Bitcoin”  the name we found familiar and popular now a days in many social medias and internet, Now what is Bitcoin or Crypto money ?

Bitcoin can be defined as electronic money or virtual currency. Which has no physical form can’t touch them we can see them only through a computer screen. Only through Internet we can buy  Bitcoins using real money and sell or even send and receive Bitcoins. Bitcoin works completely outside government regulations and independently from the bank. The Bitcoin supply is finite which means only limited number of Bitcoins are exists. crypto money

Production of Bitcoin is usually called as mining millions of dollars, and it mined and exchanged electronically each day. Every Bitcoin transaction is verified using an extremely complicated algorithm and are done with the help of large networks of mining computers competing against each other, when a miner successfully verifies a transaction the miner is rewarded with a small amount of Bitcoins. This is how new Bitcoins are introduced into the system. crypto money

The amount of Bitcoin exists is limited to 21 million and this means the supply will run out around 2140 and miners cant mine new bitcoins.80% of all all bitcoins that is 16.8 millions of  Bitcoin of total 21 million coins have already mined. crypto money

Founder of BTC. crypto money

It is allegedly “Sathoshi Nakamoto” is the pseudo name of the  person or group innovated bitcoin, and its officially formed in 2009.  At starting one bitcoin costs around 0.003$ gradually increased to 500$ per Bitcoin in the 2014th. And keep increasing and decreasing over time. The value of Bitcoins are highly fluctuating it is a currency. Which is prone to lose 80% of its value in seconds.

Many terrorists groups uses the bitcoin, as a medium of monetary transaction. We cant track or get details of the transaction that done through bitcoin. And any external source didn’t got any control over it. Many countries are and trying to ban the usage and transaction of Bitcoin. And some countries got success in banning them and others are not efficient. In USA certain shops allows the exchange of Bitcoin as an alternative of money.  Like everything Bitcoin has its own pros and cons. In India you can purchase bitcoin through sites like. Coinome, KoinOk, Bitbns , Unocoin  for real money from your bank and stored in the Wallet. It will remains safe there. crypto money

Many people find Bitcoins are a better way to make money. Yes it is true you can earn money from bitcoin To make money with Bitcoins there are two ways. crypto money

The first is to invest their money directly. crypto money

By buying Bitcoins from reliable platforms  and sell them when the value of the crypto currency continues to rise.

The second is mining. crypto money

The miners of the digital age who by adopting appropriate hardware and software to solve complex computerized cryptographic equations. Which allow them to obtain a certain number of Bitcoins in exchange. Mining is the process of adding information about Bitcoin transactions (so-called blocks) to the public and distributed block chain register. In order for a block to be added to the chain, a computer should be discover a particular code. Which can only be identified by the attempts. When the code is found, the responsible miner wins certain amount of bitcoin or Satoshi as reward. crypto money

User suggestion. crypto money

I personally doing some legit mining platform. I can guide you to find the best opportunities to build up your business, if you wish to start mining program.  Crypto money

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