Best micro SD card | Top 5 and top selling, 16 GB micro SD card

Best micro SD card

Choosing Best Micro SD Card.

Micro-SD card is an essential thing for mobile phones. Mobile phones or tablet PCs now have quite big built-in storage space, and some phones even void the micro-SD card slot, some users have no need to insert a micro-SD card. But you know, how important it is to store more content, especially those only using 8 GB ROM mobile phone. So micro-SD card is a needed element for them. Here you can find some of the best micro SD card.

Here you can find top 5  16 GB micro SD card with best review.Best micro SD card

Number 1: Best micro SD card

SanDisk Ultra Micro SDHC 16 GB UHS-I Class 10 Memory Card






As for the more sub-level choice is now the highest volume can be used for high-definition shooting “Class 10” micro SD. If your phone has not been upgraded on the 4K film, relatively this type of “Class 10 card” will be more practical and cheap. This SanDisk device provides high speed data reading and transferring option than any other class-10 memory cards. And it’s provide very good safety and good rate advantage. SanDisk is a know name in memory cards and it is the best in the market. Best micro SD card

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Number 2: Best micro SD card

SanDisk 16GB Class 4 micro SDHC Memory Card 



An another SanDisk product  which is one of the most selling and reliable micro SDHC mobile memory cards from this range of the series. This is a class 4 card, but it uses a new technology for transferring data with high speed performance. Best micro SD card

Number 3: Best micro SD card

Samsung Evo 16GB Class 10 micro SDHC Card






Of course what you expect from Samsung, It will offer Reading speed up to 48MB/s and writing speed up to 10MB/s. But compare to the class 10 sanDisk model it might be slightly lower writing speed. Nevertheless this micro SD card is well suited with any types of mobiles, smartphones, tablets etc. Best micro SD card

On the other hand you should check the item before you use, Read below to know different between fake and original. Best micro SD card

1. The fake memory card packed cover isn’t sicked well in the package. And it uses thin plastic cover and you can find two little bumps designed in the sd card holding area.

2. The card should be made in Korea or Philippines. If it made by Taiwan then sure it is fake.

3. The font colour of the original one is written with grey and must have an arrow. But in the fake card you can find, written in the black inc and missing the arrow. Best micro SD card

4. SanDisk logo with lighter red background is fake, original colour is pure red and little bit darker.

5. The original or fake with picture

You can also check and register its serial number with Samsung website. Best micro SD card

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Number 4: Best micro SD card

Lexar  Micro SD 16 GB 300X High Speed Class 10 Memory Card





Lexar SD card Made by Korea, one of the high speed quality card in the market. Recommended for DVR recorder, Camera, Mobile Phones, Tablets, Car Stereo etc.. It has awesome Reading Speed – 48 Mb/s and writing speeds are as committed with 10 Mb/s. But you can transfer the file much quicker. You can trust its performance and stability. This company products would be an another option for professional users . Best micro SD card

 Number 5: Best micro SD card

Strontium Nitro 16 GB  Class 10 UHS-1 micro SDHC Card



Strontium NITRO 433x has very high reading rate which is  80MB/s, the company noticed minimum 70MB/s guaranteed speed. And it should be a huge different between other class 10 SDHC Card. But the writing speed is quite slow than top 4 however it is a competitive SD card. Strontium has also given the adaptor and card reader, and its the one of the low budget but high performance class 10 card. Best micro SD card

Choose the best one as you find from the list. Best micro SD card


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