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Android Games

Top 10 android games, you should try

Android Games on play store has been improving day by day. There is nothing beats the fun and adrenaline release that we get on a really nice game. For many it is a great way for time pass. There are games that we can play online as well as offline, here we pick some really cool games that worth a try. Android Games

Old Mans Journey:

Old mans journey manages to tell a profound and heartbreaking story of loss regret and reconnecting with your family. While dabbling with some relaxed clever and little puzzle elements.  It resembles a point and click adventure tittle in which you can click on the screen where you want your character to move. And you can direct the objects to interact with them all overall this game manages to be an satisfying experience all without saying a single word which is remarkable and worth to look. Android Games

Deer Hunter:

In Deer Hunter you hunt animals and get  paid and with this money you can buy guns and other hunting tools to hunt more animals. Its remarkable that the games graphics is amazing and game play is quite addictive and engaging. If you like hunting games, then this is the game for you. Android Games


Riddlord where the lord has you solving three dimensional puzzle in some really good looking environments as you try and navigate an intriguing story line that interweaves fictional characters with real stories about unsolved crimes. The riddle master has created some devious puzzles and you will have to solve them as you explore their meaning of reality and a world where dream and life are hard to tell apart . This game’s visuals are appealing than other 3D puzzle games overall this game offers a great playing experience. Android Games

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Monument Valley-2:


Monument Valley follows a same path of its predecessor Monument Valley  where you are manipulating levels, twisting and sliding the mechanisms in order to change geometry and create new paths and this new version the palette is far more varied and most levels can be breached through and a brainstormer  for many. This one is a very good sequel  game. Android Games

Agent A:

Agent A is a stylish, gorgeous and fun point and click that does a lot to avoid the clunkiness and frustrations that many game in this genre have. In this game you play as a special agent whose mission is to seek out the enemy spy Rubella Rogue and you have  to capture her  and take her back to the headquarters . The entire game takes place in and out of Ruby’s house and the puzzles in the games are not too extreme and it fits perfectly with the story. Android Games

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Space Marshal-2:

This game is about cowboy police man in space and there is some double crossing at the start of the story. And you are thrown in to some amazing levels to find out what happened and you capture some bounties and generally became an intergalactic cop. You can unlock new weapons, hats and Armour as you progress through the game and even the enemies get advance and will be harder to kill. Overall it is great game to play. Android Games

Nova Legacy:

This is a 20 MB game with good graphics and amazing game-play the controls are same as other shooter games. But the Nova has high resolution 3D models and textures the game is highly polished and we are pretty sure that you guys love will love it. Android Games


Morphite is described as a space adventure in which you get to explore randomized planets. It don’t look like certain game that disappointed what’s impressive is that Morphite manage to deliver better gaming experience under a great story line. And the requirement to acquiring certain weapons to pass through different obstacles. Android Games

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Super Toss The Turtle:

This game has an impressive style and very addictive game play. In this game you basically launch a turtle or any other character which you can unlock afterwards. And you have to make them travel as far as you can for doing. So you have to use different power ups and a launcher. Although you can unlock all the weapons and power ups pretty fast you still have an amazing game to chase high score with your friends. Android Games

Dream League Soccer 2018:

If last year’s version was not enough for you the you have to see the 2018 Dream League Soccer version. This has a better graphics and more solid game play with more smooth transitions and a few other models that you might not have seen on the previous versions. Here you can build your own stadium take on the world with dream league online. As you march towards glory on your road towards soccer stardom.

These are some of the games selected by some game lovers. Do not forget to share the content if you like it. Thank you.

Android Games

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