How to get rid of pimples, Best acne home remedies

acne home remedies

Pimples are not only present in very young people, adults are affected by this skin condition The reasons for pimples are diverse: Both the hormonal balance in puberty, as well as poor nutrition, stress and unfavorable personal hygiene can adversely affect the appearance of the skin and lead to increased pimples. Basically, drinking at least 1.5 liters of water a day, cleans your body from the inside and minimizes the toxins that can not then pollute our body in the form of impure skin. In addition, water provides us with minerals that support the skin. Also, one should not express pimples – so get into the open spot bacteria and inflammation. acne home remedies

If you still can not do it, you should at least disinfect the place properly to stop the visibility of  liquid or blood Home remedies for small pimples are often a good alternative to combat, as they no longer irritate the skin and contain no alcohols and chemicals that affect the pH of the skin. In addition, they fight the problem at the root – instead of just covering it like masking cream and thus only burdening the pores additionally. Here we show some easy methods to get rid of pimples efficiently. acne home remedies

Acne home remedies 1: Ice Treatment:

ice helps to reduce the pain and strong redness and has a decongestant. Simply fill an ice pack or wrap an ice cube in a layers of plastic wrap and press on the pimple and rub occasionally. you have to continue this for about 2 hours constituently to see results.Some skins are very sensitive to this treatment on that case swap to another method.

Acne home remedies 2: Apple cider vinegar:

Apple cider vinegar acts like a disinfectant. Dabbing the apple cider vinegar with a drop of tea tree oil using cotton swab gently on inflamed areas of skin helps in  redness and inflammation disappear quickly, because the contained vinegar kills bacteria. In addition, sulfur in apple cider vinegar regulates sebum production. So if you want to fight against  pimples for along term, it is advisable to drink apple cider vinegar regularly- it cleanses the skin from the inside. acne home remedies

Recipe for apple cider vinegar drink. Acne home remedies

Put two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in a large glass of warm water. Then add a teaspoon of honey – done!

Acne home remedies 3: Steam baths:

Steam baths open the pores and ensure that pus and sebum have no chance to get stuck under the skin. This is how you fight pimples fast for a long term. The heat relaxes the skin and redness disappears. acne home remedies

Apple cider vinegar steam bath.

Heat one to two liters of water until it Boils. Put in a heat-resistant bowl and add five tablespoons of apple cider vinegar. Put a towel over your head and hold the face over the bowl for 15 minutes. Then dry the face well and use moisturizer. acne home remedies

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Acne home remedies 4: Zinc Ointment:

By Applying zinc ointment to pimples makes them disappear quickly. Soak the affected area overnight with the ointment, Go to sleep and be happy on the next morning that the pimple has disappeared!

Acne home remedies 5: Baby powder:

Baby powder may sound bizarre, but is also great for the skin of an adult to use as a face care product. The active ingredients that protect the baby skin and remove moisture can work wonders overnight. Just wash your face thoroughly in the evening, dry it carefully and dust it, let it work over the night. acne home remedies

Acne home remedies 6: Honey cinnamon paste:

Honey has an antiseptic effect that has proven itself in the fight against pimples. Just mix a teaspoon of honey with a pinch of cinnamon and apply directly to blemishes and leave overnight. The next morning the pimple should have almost disappeared and the skin is tender and pure. acne home remedies

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Acne home remedies 7: lemon juice:

Dermatologists recommend acne patients to have a fruit acid treatment for their skin problems. With lemon juice you can easily imitate them at home. Similar to apple cider vinegar, the juice of a lemon is simply dabbed onto the affected area. acne home remedies

Acne home remedies 8: Hydrogen peroxide:

Hydrogen peroxide is a liquid compound of hydrogen and oxygen that is versatile in use. So it is a major ingredient in many creams.even pimples and wounds can be cleaned and disinfected with it, even bleeding from worst pimples can be stopped quickly. Using a cotton pad or cotton bud, the solution can be applied to pimples.

Acne home remedies 9: Tooth Paste:

Tooth paste can fight against pimples it quickly dries pimples due to zinc and sodium sulfate. However, toothpaste ingredients can irritate sensitive skin types so be cautious before opting this treatment. acne home remedies

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