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Find more details about laptop Battery Windows hidden secret

This topic is describing a vital information about your laptop battery . It is also one of the windows hidden secret. This process will show you the battery information, battery life estimate, its capacity and more. Follow the step for understand your battery’s health and optimize your computer’s battery life.


Go to the Widows start menu then  Right click and select Command prompt  ( Admin )


Type the following command in to Command prompt ( powercfg /batteryreport ) then hit the “Enter” button.

Find the location of the battery-report.html file. Most commonly it will show up on system32 folder, otherwise it may save to C:\Users\.

Now pen it with Internet  Explorer or Microsoft Edge.

The report will give you more information about the batteries in your system. As you can see the list of  Battery report, Usage history, battery life estimates, Capacity (how long your laptop battery charge stayed after each recharge) etc.

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