What to care when you use social media networks like FB, Snap chat etc.

What to care when you use social media

What to care when you use social media network

Today people are very familiar with social media platforms its very useful in communicating and sharing our life activities with others. There are different varieties of  social media platforms popular today and the working principle of social medias are different from each other . What to care when you use social media like Facebook , twitter, snap chat. these type of media’s consumes data’s in different forms, some of them uses heavy data and some uses less.Today Here are some instructions about how to save data while using social media networks through this gizbot article.

How to save data in Facebook

Majority of people are using Facebook account daily that’s why it’s very popular among public. Usually Facebook consumes large amount of data . In order to save your data there is a option in Facebook itself. That is  go to the settings option in the Facebook  there you can find Data server option  turn it on.


Instagram is another social media platform similar to facebook it also consume a lot of data.  To save data while using Instagram select cog button and from there go to options from there settings  here you can find Mobile/Cellular Data Use Option tap this option and you can find another option Use less Data. Turn this option ON.



Snapchat is a social media platform widely used by customers and it also consume a lot of data by making small changes we can save our data usage  in snapchat. For that go to cogicon displayed on the top right side of snapchat screen tap and scroll down cogicon there you can find Additional Service click it and tap on manage option there you can find “Turn on the Travel Mode”.


If you use any other kind of social network, you can follow the same procedure to reduce the data consumption of the application.

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