Solved: Web camera problems on Windows 10, 8.1 and 8

How to fix Web camera problems on windows laptop or desktop

Most commonly, web camera problems are occur after you upgrade to the new version of the Windows built. or any of the files that are supported by the camera in the process could not working properly.

Typically, error can be fix with new driver updates. Otherwise you should be perform a reinstall for solve the problem. Here you can find some of the useful steps.

Number 1 : Make sure Camera option is enabled. Web Camera problems

Screenshot (120)

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Number 2 : Go to the Device manger, for that you can right click from the start menu or access it from the my computer properties. Web Camera problems

Screenshot (121)

In the device manager-  select the Imaging devices. and right click from your camera driver for accessing properties.

Screenshot (123)

Go to the Driver Tab-  use Update driver button to update the driver software for this device.  If it doesn’t work use the second option “Roll Back Driver”  for the previously installed driver. Web Camera problems


Screenshot (124)Screenshot (126)

Other Problem is : start-up error like the below image. You can fix this, change the admin control. See how to set up admin control. Web Camera problems


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Go to the picture and right click in “Camera Roll” folder choose properties then go to security tab, In this section click on  the Advanced button.

Screenshot (130)


Select your local Administrator in the list, that named with your computer name. Then click on “Disable inheritance” button. Web Camera problems


Screenshot (134)

In the Permission entry section you have to check the full control on the basic permission then click ok

Screenshot (135)

After that re enable the inheritance and click ok .


Screenshot (137)

The problem might be also occur from virus attack. So using the better antivirus program and cleaning software would be an another choice.. Hope it will helps you, share your valuable comments and suggestions below.

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