Virus protection for mac, Six Ways To Protect Your Mac from Ransomware

virus protection for mac

How to protect your mac from malware (virus protection for mac )

Mac was reputed for its security features, but Mac Malware it does exist. Malwares is different from other forms of malicious software like virus. Malware doesn’t attempt to get into your machine without your knowledge like a virus does- it is a malicious software disguised as a legitimate software. How to make best Virus protection for mac.

Malware usually appears in the form of a email. Which asks you to install a software or product  or many malware disguised at antivirus or anti malware software. Once you have installed these software your personal information’s such as banking details and pass it to the hackers.

Here are some of the tips to protect your Mac from Malware.

  • Check your security settings which manages Gatekeeper:

Gatekeeper is a built in security measure it block any software that hasn’t been digitally signed and approved by apple. You may have come across with this when trying to install an app that you have downloaded outside of the  Appstore. To check your settings  go to the System Preferences then click on Security and Privacy. And in the  general tab below the allow application downloaded section check on Appstore and Identified developers.

This means you can only install apps that  have been approved by Apple which is safe. We can also install a program that wasn’t approved by Apple and outside of Appstore  while doing this be careful. Gate keeper also blocks plugin likes flash or Java to help keep your Mac safe it also features anti phishing technology in Safari so if you are on a fraudulent website it will immediately alert you and disable the page

  • Make sure your firewall in activate:

Firewall protects you from unwanted incoming connections from the internet and other computers on the same network to activate this feature go to System  preference  then Security& Privacy  click on Firewall tab below that turn on Firewall.

  • Be more cautious in responding to suspicious emails:

Now many malware are target users through email phishing so avoid emails that asks for any password like credit card details or to install any software.

  • Always keep your Mac OS updated:

Each update of Mac OS they are installing latest features and security options for removing and defending the malware and viruses its probably the most important security measure to protect your system from malware, X protect file is a feature used in Mac against this on each updating X protect file patch any vulnerabilities within Mac OS.Go to system Preferences and click on software updates below that you can found check for update and change it into daily.

  • Installing a trusted Antivirus: 

Installing a Antivirus is a great way to protect your system from any future attacks from malware or virus .  There are many free apps from apple itself like Bit defender Virus Scanner. It  is a antivirus which can scan all your system for any threats and fix.

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  • Downloading only from the sites that you trust

Always  download from Mac App Store or directly from developers, Like Microsoft or adobe downloads from their sites. And make sure you are downloading from their sites directly and in case you don’t know about the developer or application just do a simple google research for reviews of that site, and conform files are virus free.

In Safari go to safari preferences and under the general tab UN-check open safe files after downloading.

This means if you download something, it will go into your download folder and wont automatically perform any actions like opening or running. You will have to go to your download folder yourself and do that which is a good security measure.

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That’s it the topic about virus protection for mac. If you follow the above strategy, could be stay safe from any kind of Ransomware viruses.  Thanks, share your feedback.


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