Top five fastest browsers ( top 5 best browser in 2016)

Find out best and Top five fastest browsers 

Currently you can use so many types of Internet browser. Most common browsers are IE, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, edge etc. Here, I want to tell you about the top five fastest browsers.

In this article, I would like to focus on the best browsers in 2016.  According to the results of several individual statistics will be placed on the list. And also, in my opinion and experiments has been shown on the descriptions of the each browser.

Number One : Google Chrome


The most popular browser in the internet world. It is a tool that allows you to more instantly, comfortably and securely use the Internet. Chrome can perform well in the newer types of Html 5 content. The most important thing is Google’s own bookmark sync function is very useful. And Chrome’s performance is very good for users who use Google services, also, it will support to launch Google applications in offline on the desktop. In any way, If the browser shows slow performance, please read this link

Key features:

  • Fast and secure search (especially isn’t installed a bunch unwanted plugins in this browser ).
  • Most visited sites is displayed in front of your browser screen. you do not want to install extra extension or plug ins for that.
  • Auto translation in a foreign language.
  • Blocking pop-ups and malicious applications.
  • Search Google for selected content.
  • customize favourite bookmark and Bookmarks synchronization feature allows you to access your bookmarks in any computer and any internet.  click for more

Number Two: Firefox


Firefox is a another free open source Web browser and it will support all operating systems. The browser has two versions, Standard Edition and ESR (Extended Support Release). ESR is usually created for people who do not wish to install the update every month. The ESR version of Firefox’s upgrading cycle is every 40 weeks. As well it can be provide significantly faster internet surfing. The new version of Firefox has the better user-friendly option settings, its much better than Chrome. And now 64 bit version is also available in the Internet.

I have been used Google chrome and Firefox for the years. Generally for downloading I would like to choose Firefox.

Key features:

  • Better search and fast & convenient sidebar.
  • Users can read PDF documents directly in the browser without any extra plugins or extensions.
  • Bookmarks synchronization feature 
  • Remove user name or log in details with delete button
  • There is a lot of collections of add-ons and customization for the browser.

Number 3 : Microsoft Edge 


Microsoft Edge is a well known browser which was introduced with Windows 10 operating system. It can be load much faster than other browser, and it is one of the best browser which will giving a lot of information clearly and in a few words. And it can integrate with Windows applications, including settings.

I hope Microsoft edge will be number one browser in future. But approximately 60% of the people still in Windows 7 or any other operating system. So, it’s not easy to overtake browser like Google chrome or Firefox.

Key features:

  • Easy search with Cortana integration feature.
  • Speed ( this is not a third party browser )
  • Staying handy.

Number 4 : Opera


Opera is the one of the all in one web browser, Opera browsers have a lot of innovative features.The newest version of Opera 36.0.2130.46 provides a faster JavaScript support. Opera can manage every thing like other browsers includes saving bookmarks, passwords, spell check, speed dial feature,and synchronization via its Opera Link cloud.

Personally I haven’t used for surfing. but I just tried it for experimentation, It clearly shows that the top 3 browser much faster than this.

Key features:

  • Customizable themes
  • Make a private browsing
  • synchronization
  • downloads

Number 5 : IE 11


Security is one of the best in terms of use of Internet Explorer. The newer IE also change the interface and it’s better than the older version. This is my first browser which I started internet surfing.

Key feature :

  • Faster
  • Security and privacy features
  • easy to use


This observation is based on the Windows operating system. Therefore, the Safari browser not included.

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