Top 10 Android Apps of 2018 | Latest free and useful apps for android devices

Top 10 Android Apps

What makes your Smartphone really smart? Undoubtedly we can say that a bunch a good app will definitely make your phone further smart. Here we are showing you top 10 android app that you can download free on your Smartphone. We had handpicked these apps on the basis of their functionality usage and uniqueness most of them are very useful and Top 10 Android Apps come handy in this year.

Microsoft Exfat/NTFS for USB:

Do you ever had problems while trying to access files on pen drives or external drives via  OTG on your Android device while connecting .External storage is really handy as you can access the files any where plus you have the advantage of storing large video files photos etc so you don’t have to waste storage of your phone. But whenever you connect the storage device to your phone you cannot easily access the files on the storage the main problem while using OTG is the file format of the storage is not compatible so to access the file you have to format the storage again in the format which your phone supports but with this app your phone can support almost all types of file format especially ExFAT and NTFS simply install the app and plug in any USB storage and it works. Furthermore you can view the files move and even upload the files to your cloud service pretty handy for work and entertainments if you want to use external storages on your Smartphone.

Wall Roach:

This is a nice wallpaper app wall roach gives you access to thousands of hd quality wall papers and images. These app features some of the unique 4k, 2k and ultra hd wallpapers which are very difficult to find somewhere else in the app you have 3 different sections like editors choice, all and category section, in the category section we have the landscape , car, superheroes city and much more.


Octopus lets you play Android games using game pads, mouse and keyboard there are lots of games on playstore which doesn’t support game pad and keyboard but playing these games with a game pad  would be a totally different experience  for example the game like rule of survival where you only have the on screen button but with this app you can assign a virtual lay out on your screen which will allows you to use keyboard mouse and gamepad.  The App doesn’t require your phone to be rooted and setting up is very easy you can easily switch between keyboard mode and gamepad mode. If you are a person who plays a lot of games and like PC like experience then this App is for you.

Touch Controls for YouTube:

As the name suggests this app allows you touch control to YouTube similar to vlc gesture base volume and controls in the free version you only have volume option but if you buy the premium version you can get access to the brightness controls apart from that offers you much more options like tap action, double tap actions and a lot more. So it comes in handy to people who watch YouTube a lot as well as broken volume buttons.


So many social accounts and email addresses you tend to forget your passwords. But this app right here is perfect for password management secure notes and infos. Dash Lane is a great way  to securely save all your online account details. Like secure notes payment details personal infos and ID’s in one secure place. It also comes with a desktop application. So that all your details can be synchronized across all your devices also you can add your trusted contacts to share your logins for things like Netflix while adding a login details you can also generate a password for password ideas and stronger passwords also use its built in secure browser to login right from this app is very convenient the user interface is very simple and easy to use from adding login details to other information’s you can lock this app using your fingerprint for added security so you don’t have to enter your passwords every time.

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Test M:

Test M is a amazing android App basically this App checks your phone condition and gives you a complete report about the hardware. You can choose a test for many options such as screen test, sound test, camera test etc. Or even do a complete test, for that simply follow the on screen commands to complete  the test. And once you have done you will get the full report on your hardware. So after that you will know whether your device is fully functioning or not. For example while doing the sound check Test M will check your speakers, ear piece and the microphone and similarly it has its own way of checking other hardware as well. So this App is very useful while buying a used or refurbished phone just to check if the phone is fully functional or not and if you are selling your phone you can just give them the final report to assure them that your phone is fully functional. Moreover you also gets some additional tools like speed test for your internet, battery info for battery health and other details storage details and finally your hardware details.


TUBI TV offers you free movies and TV shows. You can literally stream all the contents that you see in this app.  Here movies and TV shows are categorized into different sections from documentaries to action movies to cult classics. You get all types of popular contents here for example popeye old classic collection and many others. The best part is its totally free and it supports chromecast so that you can enjoy these contents on bigger screens(LED)


This app is a great way to keep you phone from trespassing after you start this app anyone else takes your phone an alarm is triggered. And only you can stop it moreover you can enable the intruder selfie to know who try to unlock it or use. And the app that send you an email of the intruder selfie. You can set the sensitivity as you like for extra security options  you can go to settings for proximity detection “x” charge of detection that alerts when the charger is removed change the alarm sound and other intruder settings. So this app is obviously a great way to keep your phone and its contents safe. Save from intruders may it from kids colleagues and even thieves. For customization it had a widget pack called WOLFIE KWGT  and lots of attractive wallpapers that keep your phone unique.


SAFEST DRIVE as the name implies this App is handy while driving . By signing up you can choose whether you want to use this app individually or for an organization. So how this app works is you can set  a speed limit  25 km and then choose the apps you don’t want to get disturbed from! for example messenger, messages, phone calls etc.. Now once you cross the speedlimit that is 25 km this app automatically disables notifications. And interactions from the selected apps making your drive more safe as you can concentrate on the driving. Suppose you are cruising 40km/hr and you don’t receive any notifications from the selected apps after you stopped you were loaded with your test messages.


GRAMMARLY KEYBOARD is an app which help you to write mistake free on your phone. This app helps you whether you are typing an email text  message or even writing the Facebook post it provides hundreds of grammar checks and apart from the grammar check the app also features well check. So overall the keyboard layout is nice and clean and the integration of the keyboard is really good.

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