Solved screensaver issues in windows 10

Solved screensaver issues

How to solved screensaver issues in windows 10

Screensaver issues are quite common in windows 10, actually these issues appear different forms in each and every computer. Below you can see some of the various form of the issue, that you may come across. And read how to solved screensaver problem.

  • Unable to turn off screen saver in windows10
  • Unable to turn on screensaver in windows10
  • Screensaver is not working in windows10
  • Screensaver freezes in windows10

Now let’s see how to fix these issues. Solved screensaver

1 : Update WindowsSolved screensaver

Preferably windows update is the first method for solving any computer issues. For new updates of Windows 10,  go to  the “All settings section” from there enter in “update and security”, after that click on “check for updates” (windows update section will automatically download and install if any new updates are available).

2: Check the Screensaver SettingsSolved screensaver

Your screensaver is not working properly; maybe it’s due to the wrong settings. For screensaver resetting go to  All settings section in your computer, then type “screensaver” on  search bar, choose the “ change screen saver settings” and open up. Here you set your screensaver, double check that everything was configured correctly.

3: Reset Power Management. Solved screensaver

Screensaver is a power saving feature. It’s firmly connected with the power saving setting of your computer. Because of this, any change of the computer power saving settings might be lead to screensaver trouble.

Go to the All settings, then type Power PlanSolved screensaver

Solved Screensaver

Choose your plan here then click on Change plan settings. Now  click on Restore plan to defaults.

Solved Screensaver

4: Use System File Check Scan TrickSolved screensaver

SFC (System File Check) is a feature for handle the issues in your computer system so this feature may help you.

This is how SFC works. See below

Run the Command prompt as administrator mode. Right click on the start menu to open command prompt. Now type “sfc /scannow”. Wait for the process to finish and close command prompt then restart your computer.


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No-5: Deployment Image and Serving Management (DISM)Solved screensaver

DSIM is another tool, it’s a method using CMD (command prompt) similar to SFC. If SFC scan is failed to help you use DISM.

Run the Command prompt as administrator mode. Right click on the start menu to open command prompt. Now type.

“dism /online /cleanup-image /checkhealth”
“dism /online /cleanup-image /scanhealth”
“dism /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth”


I hope that above mentioned instructions may help you. If In any case this solution does not help you, let me know it.

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