Slow Video Streaming And Buffering Step By Step fix

How to solve slow video streaming or buffering

Slow video streaming, is one of the most annoying internet experience you have ever faced. especially in huge video sharing site like YouTube, Dailymotion and Vimeo. If you really want to stream faster and play with higher video quality. Generally you need to set up a better internet connection. Perhaps you are using a cable or DSL connection, and sometimes it can be. Nevertheless, You can set the computer to become a good performance of Internet video streaming.  Bellow you can find 5 options and best tips for fix slow video streaming trouble. slow video streaming

Option 1: Create More space to Receive the media web caches. 

clear unwanted web caches from pc. Free best register cleaning tool 

Type on search – Internet option. slow video streaming

Screenshot (3)

In Internet option select General section. slow video streaming

Screenshot (4)

check the box for  delete browser history and use delete button.

You can also delete browser history from your browser, for example Firefox , just open Firefox then press Ctrl + Shift + Delete Key together  .

 Screenshot (5)

Option 2: Use ccleaner for registry cleaning  

you could clean your registry for make some resources available for speed. Top 5 Best reg cleaners 

Six important things to get faster internet connection speed

Screenshot (7)

Option 3 : Disable Hardware acceleration on Browser. slow video streaming

If your Streaming application keeps crashing or it act like reload this page, it probably caused by hardware acceleration. See how to disable hardware acceleration.

On Google Chrome :

Screenshot (16)

Screenshot (17)

Remove the tick mark from – Use hardware acceleration when available.

Screenshot (18)

Restart ( requires Chrome restart )

Screenshot (19)

On Firefox :

Screenshot (20)

Screenshot (21)

Select general tab then UN tick selected area.

Screenshot (22)

Configure the Windows 7 computer’s hardware acceleration.

Right click from desktop choose  personalization,and bottom left side click on the Display.

Then On left side click on the change display settings in that section move to right side middle click on Advanced Settings it will open a new small window Choose Troubleshoot tab Change settings Set hardware acceleration “None” – apply the setting and OK.

Option 4: Close all background data which using bandwidth connection.

You can find and stop  background files with Task manager, right-click from the task bar and select Task Manager.

If you are find any of the file in the network section, You can right-click on the file to stop its process.

Screenshot (23)

Option 5 : Change  the video Quality .

All of the major video sharing sites has the option for change the video quality as the user desire. you can set it manually depends of your bandwidth speed . Lowering the video quality can be enhance the speed of your streaming file. slow video streaming

Screenshot (24)

Hope the above methods works for you. If you have any question or any inquires don’t hesitate to contact me. Thanks. slow video streaming

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