Send WhatsApp Photos without compression, How its work.

Send WhatsApp photos without compression

How to Send WhatsApp photos without compression

WhatsApp is an App which is used all over the world. Its functioning and operations are quite familiar to everyone. All of us send pictures through WhatsApp and for saving data without losing much data and to improve conversational speed whatsApp usually compress pictures and send. Most of us like to send pictures in its original resolution without making any changes in the image, for this it provides an option for Send WhatsApp Photos without compression. Let’s see how to avoid compression and share image. Send WhatsApp Photos without compression

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Send WhatsApp Photos without compression

Send WhatsApp photos without compression

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To send compressing. Send WhatsApp Photos without compression

  • At first we have to attach these to whatsapp to send pictures. To share files use built-in paper clip icon seen in whatsapp instead of file browser so that you can share uncompressed image files since image clip function don’t compress usually. Send WhatsApp Photos without compression

To attach a image first select document in paper clip option. Send WhatsApp Photos without compression


  • Previous step is for bring document files to browser screen for sharing, you don’t have to select the documents shown there instead of that click on browse other document This is usually find on the top of other files and you are leaving to another screen from there. In this screen you can select and search any files as you do in file browser. Send WhatsApp Photos without compression
  • Select the image you want to share from the browser. Finally click on the arrow button to share image. Together with this your image file gets shared to the contact that you selected. The file you send through document don’t get compressed, like this you can share original resolution files with others.
  • Check the details of the image file that you sent.  You can find that the image file don’t get compressed, Use this technique. If you want to send images without any changes but its unable to view the thumbnail of file images sent by this method on  preview message. This is a simple method you can follow without any further complications. Now you can quickly send original image files to friends without any changes.

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