Root Android devices without any computer or Laptop

How to Root Android Devices without PC

Already there are lot of information about root android devices on the internet. However,  here you can find some of the easy and different ways to root any android devices. In addition, this step does not require to use your personal computer or laptop.

Why Root your phone. Root Android Devices

Rooting can help you to take all rights and permissions that necessary to do anything on your device as your wishes. For the example windows administrative mode.

Rooting benefits: Root Android Devices

  1. All new mobile phones usually come up with some of the pre-installed applications. Typically, we can stop the process of the unwanted applications but that cannot be uninstall. But if you have administrative rights, that is possible. In this stage rooting can be give you to full control of your device.
  2. Some kind of applications run only with a rooted devices. So rooting can be helps you to run anything on your mobile.
  3. By root, you can manage all of your operating system’s process. Root Android Devices

I hope that, you already know about all kind of pros and cons by rooting your device. Therefore, I’m not going to that matter . Root Android Devices

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Below you can find the steps and also video tutorial. Root Android Devices

♦ Install the root checker basic in to your device.




♦ Go to the settings then choose About Device move down to the Build number and tap in it 7 times until you see “developer mode is active“. Open the developer mode then check the USB debugging.

ddses1.mp4_snapshot_00.50_[2016.04.17_17.15.55] ddses1.mp4_snapshot_00.52_[2016.04.17_17.10.04]


♦ Go to the Security and check the box on Unknown sources.

ddses1.mp4_snapshot_01.09_[2016.04.17_17.10.29] ddses1.mp4_snapshot_01.11_[2016.04.17_17.10.37]


♦ Install the King Root app in to device.

ddses1.mp4_snapshot_03.18_[2016.04.17_17.11.47] ddses1.mp4_snapshot_04.25_[2016.04.17_17.12.04]

♦ Start the king root and click on “try it” tab



Check the root status with root checker.  If you need to unroot device, simply uninstall kingroot from your device.



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Check Video Tutorial . Root Android Devices


Android Software Update error “Device is modified in an unauthorized way”


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