Reinstall windows 10 build versions ( Solve windows 10 update issues)

Windows 10 Reinstall Guide

How to Reinstall windows 10 build

Are you trying to solve the new update issues of windows 10. Or are you confused what to do after a virus infection. If you are a new customer, and you would like to take step to reinstall your computer ( Reinstall Windows 10 build ) issues totally rather than using any other techniques. Following instructions will help you to handle your windows 10 computer issues

It is important to create a backup before you make any changes in computer. it’s not only easy in windows 10 comparing to other windows version but also any extra back up driver is not required. Follow the instructions below

  • Type “windows update” in windows search bar then select windows update settings. Click on “action center” icon below the screen, then search for “all settings update security” after that select backup. If you find OFF-ON  indicator there, then turn it ON this means your file history has been automatically get backup  and your contacts and desktop files get saved here. But sometimes common folders doesn’t back up, in that case copy those important files and folders to your private drive.

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1)  How to Roll Back Windows 10

Now let’s talk about installing windows10 to a particular point, it’s a better solution if any error occurs in your computer.

  • Go to update security window then click on” Recovery Tab” here you can find a option called “Go back to the previous version of windows 10” click on the “get start “in it and wait for the computer next process.

Now see how much information’s are required for the working of the computer, after some small survey questions follow the screen setup until you find the option ”choice of which window build to work with”

Operating System might be unable to find the correct file under some situations. In that case you have to try other options , anyway if this option works you can able to return to a previous built mode. Sometimes it’s only available to Windows 7 or Windows 8 option for return.

2)  How to restore windows 10 from a system Restore point

You can able to reinstate windows 10 from Restore point. Instead of withdrawing the build completely Restore point allows your computer to set to the time and date which is created by the computer itself.

Go to the settings and type system restore . Get rid of windows 10 activation notification.

Remember when you are installing a new update or application windows will automatically create a Restore point there. Here you can also check the affected file list when choose a specified date and time.

3) How to reinstall windows 10

In some situations reinstalling the windows completely is the only possible solution to fix the issues.

These are the instructions you needed to follow in this situations.

Go to recovery section from settings in windows 10. Then select the option (reset this PC).after that click its get started button.

Here windows 10 gives you  different options about how much data you wish to delete. The option for removing all the data and resetting the computer similar to “Factory Reset” also shown here. After conforming your option click there and wait. If you are using a laptop don’t forget to connect your power cable.

Hope you got the idea to work on reinstallation.

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