Prostate Cancer, things you have to know about

Prostate Cancer
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Prostate Cancer 

Fifty percentages of Prostate Cancer can be cured if its identified on the primary test, and its same for almost all types of cancers. But it becomes difficult to control in the last stages of cancer diagnosing. So its important to identify and treat cancer within a period of six months to eight years. Exceeding from this period chances that cancer may spread into more areas and treatments are ineffective.

In India prostate cancer affecting the male gland is comparatively low but in Western Countries Prostate cancer is on the second place of the most common disease. Which is almost ten times higher than in India. And the reason behind this is unknown. But food habits are observed being a reason behind this consider that excess protein rich food meat may lead to this disorder. Genetically Westerners are more prone to Prostate cancer.

However If an Indian permanently residing in Western Countries it’s found that Prostate Cancer. Possibilities are increasing in him and his second generation. Also have the possibility of Prostate Cancer similar to that of Westerners. So it can’t be said that the prostate cancer developed only through genetic factors. The Food habits and Climate or somewhat unknown may be the reason behind this. Prostate Cancer possibility increases to fifty percentages to the children of Indians who went and married in foreign countries. When it comes to their grandchildren the chances increases without getting married. Then we have to assume that the food habits and lifestyles are the factors lead to this Cancer.

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Tests for Prostate Cancer

It seems to have an increase in the rate of Prostate Cancer patients by one percentage in India every year. However the reason behind this is unknown so we can’t able to prevent this effectively. Among Westerners 40 people in 100 have Prostate Cancer and in India it is 4 among 100 people is affected. And these are the surveys about prostate cancer with symptoms. Biopsy test is the only solution to identify Prostate Cancer which shows no symptom. About fifty percentages of  men above fifty years have cancer cells. But this will be grow very slowly it takes almost two years for a prostate cancer cells to get doubled on the other side. Blood cancer cells which only requires 24 hours to double.

Age and Prostate Cancer

It’s common that the men who are at the age of fifty and died from some other diseases before the symptoms of prostate cancer cells are shown. And its discovered that all seventy percentage of people above eighty years are identified with prostate cancer cells. And this is revealed through corpse studies. One of the two main disorders from prostate is non- cancer enlargement of prostate. And the other is enlargement due to cancer. Non-Cancerous prostate enlargement is quiet common. And their symptom consists of feeling difficulties while urinating and others.

Because of this similar prostate cancer symptom alone we can’t identify the disease. But to confirm this it is necessary to undergo a screening test and there are certain conditions for Cancer screening. First one is the assessment of a specialized doctor. Second one is PSA through this test we can find out whether there are any cancer cells in the prostate. Or to decide if any further tests required. It is important for every one above fifty years of age to undergo a prostate screening test. Because it is as important as screening blood cancer.

There are studies going on regarding Prostate Cancer screening about how many people get advantage from it because it’s an expensive one. Prostate Cancer develop very slowly due to this observation for minimum ten years is required. And chances that the patient may die between this period due to some other cause rather than prostate cancer.

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Countries like USA and Britain there are projects in which government funds are allotted for screening test. The government spent money for PSA test and also pay for the urologist and treatment expenses. But in India it is a controversial subject that issuing government fund for prostate screen is effective. Because giving 100 people screen test, treatments and additional tests and evaluating. That whether the money spent is beneficial for them after 10 years its find that its ineffective in most cases.

Only one or two percentage gets advantages from it. Ninety percentages of those who are identified with prostate cancer are died from other health problems. Like heart attack, lung cancer or from any other diseases. Only ten percentage remains at the end.

So Prostate cancer screening is considered as a financial liability and ineffective. But it is a fact that prostate screen test help to identify and treat this disease and it is very useful to the public people.

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But the screening of blood cancer is entirely different scenario. If a patient is identified with a tiny spot in blood cancer screen test, chances for the patient to die within a year. That is cancer which is found only in mammogram test after one year it is developed into the size of a tennis ball. At the same time the prostate patient who has the rice grain size of prostate cancer never developed to the size of a tennis ball if he had lived for a 100 years. In Indian circumstance we usually do medical checkups after fifty years and possibilities for heart disorders and other diseases are identified there.

Medical treatment 

It is the person himself decides that whether he need a check up or not. And same in the case of prostate screening test. But in Western countries there is no practice like ours they only do checkups, if there are any symptoms. Because checkups are comparatively expensive to them. Forty percentage of prostate cancer can be cured. If it is identified on the initial stage it is same for almost all cancers. But late diagnose lead to complication in controlling. Prostate cancer must be identified within a period of six months to eight years. After exceeding this period may lead cancer to spread into more areas and treatment won’t be effective. Dying from prostate cancer is very painful. Prostate cancer usually spread upwards while reaching further results in extreme pain on bones. But spreading in its starting place cause severe pain from urinary tract, bleeding and clotting of blood.

There are two ways of treatment for initial stage identification


The surgery consists of removing prostate gland completely it is done by piercing urinary bladder. And surgery is completed after stitching the bladder. Damage to the organs around prostate gland can be avoided is considered as an advantage of the surgery. There are two types of surgery one is open surgery and keyhole surgery ; it’s difficult to spot cancer clearly in a open surgery. But in keyhole surgery cancer can be spotted very precisely and can be done with less pain and quick relief are the advantage of keyhole surgery.

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Radio Therapy:

We get the result from the radio therapy very gradually it almost takes one and half year to get the result. Cancer cells which are burnt through radio therapy don’t destroy instantly. But it gets harder and this process takes almost one and half year to finish. So the result from PSA test after one an half year decide what further treatment should be carried out.

Radio therapy is usually recommended to those who can’t bear surgery now a day’s radio therapy is far better than earlier. ”Confirmation Radio therapy” is the name of the treatment which passes rays only through the gland which is affected by cancer.

Some steps of controls are used in the first stage after the spreading of cancer. Which includes hormone therapy that neutralizes the male hormone which helps in the spreading of prostate cancer cells. Treatments like removing the part which produce male hormone in testicle comes under the control steps.

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When Prostate cancer spread to more area it’s time to move ahead to Chemotherapy on this second stage. Even on this chemotherapy stage it’s possible to defend cancer for many months.

Side effect from chemotherapy is more than that from hormone therapy. Whatever it is assume that age, genetic and food are the factors which cause Cancer.

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