Prevent Cancer | how to escape from any type of Cancer disease

Prevent Cancer

How can you prevent Cancer

Cancer is one of the most lethal diseases of this era, which involved in the uncontrollable growth of cells and degeneration of tissues. On every year 1.4 crore people were diagnosed with cancer and around half of them were killed by this deadly disease, this is the fearsome situation present today. Prevent Cancer

Even though better treatment is available the rate of cancer related cases were increasing steadily. It is said that Cancer is a result of wrong lifestyle. What is the reason behind this disease? What to do next lets pause these questions, now behold some important things to prevent Cancer.

Avoid SmokingPrevent Cancer

Smoking is one of the major reason behind Cancer. Tobacco  is the major culprit behind the cancer in organs like  lungs, mouth, throat, pancreas, urinary bladder , larynx, cartilage and thyroid gland so quit the habit of smoking is a important step, another one is pan-masala which causes cancer in tongue, cheek and larynx.

Stop drinking Alcohol. Prevent Cancer

Cancers like lung cancer, liver cancer, larynx cancer , cartilage and thyroid gland cancer were found mostly in those who drink alcohol extremely. Liver sclerosis chances are large in heavy drinkers and later liver sclerosis may lead to cancer.

Control usage of meat. Prevent Cancer

Try to control red meat like pork, mutton and beef because they contain animal fat in large quantity which will result in developing cancer in Intestine, also over use of red meat will generate obesity and pave path for cancer.

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Quit deep fried food. Prevent Cancer

Foods which are deep fried in oil can cause cancer, by increasing the fat also results in the imbalance of Estrogen hormone. Fat acts as relative dangerous component in the case of breast cancer, endometrial cancer and prostate cancer.

Say No to Fast Food. Prevent Cancer

Now a day every one is a big fan of fast food but its not advisable for include them daily in your life. Consuming excess amount of chicken along with beef fry and mutton fry may bring adverse effect to our overall health.

Avoid Obesity. Prevent Cancer

Be careful in gaining weight more than necessary. Fat, which is accumulated in the body will increase the possibility of cancer. By controlling food and exercise can help us in losing weight

Consume Fruits and Vegetables. Prevent Cancer

Eat more fruits, vegetable and leafy foods which are a great source of nutrients for the body. Vegetables which are enriched with fiber contents will help to defend cancer.

Exercise. Prevent Cancer

Make exercise a daily habit which is a best method to prevent many form of cancers.Exercise can burn out the excess fat in our body and prevent uterus cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer and large intestine cancer to an extent.

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Keep away from midday sunPrevent Cancer

Skin Cancers are  results of the over exposure of Ultra Violet rays, so avoid to be on outdoor as far as possible, if you are unable to do so be careful in protect your skin from sunrays.

Limit the use of mobile phones. Prevent Cancer

Even Now it is a controversial topic that cancer possibilities increase in those who use mobile phones frequently. Some studies declare that this was true whereas some studies discards this. Any way limit the use of mobile phone in children.

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