online games lag, how to stop lag in games

Fix online Game lags.

Best tips for, online games lagging

Let me start. this solution will work for all who facing games lagging issue while play online games. There are few common reasons that made the lags in games, First thing is a low-bandwidth connection or a slow Internet connection. But the problem is not entirely based on the Internet, it depends on the configuration and performance of your computer.

Games lags, how to stop lag in games |top best game lags solution.

Computer games need specific minimum requirements in order to work properly.While playing the game on your computer to be slow or delay the normal reasons. Nevertheless, continuously releasing Microsoft and GPU updates to graphic drivers and other software programs can help provide good co-operation and communication between all components of your computer and network.

Here are the some tips for internet lag . [ following content i made only for educational purpose ]

  • Free up disk usage. online games

Try closing all other programs to free up memory as much as possible, Including programs running in the background invisible. Use the Task Manager to find which program use the network bandwidth or check if any background downloads where process in your pc, Such as instant messaging programs, updating etc..

  • Reduce latency time or ping time. online games

If you frequently play online games, you will face the problem of high ping. My second option helps you for reduce ping in online games.
What is the ping or latency ?
Ping is, a significant amount of time that sent out from your computer to another computer, and it is coming back into the network.  If there more ping, You will have to wait a long time to open a web page. So, online games will experience more lag.

Six important things to get faster internet connection speed

You can manually set it with your registry editor, follow the images bellow. online games

Screenshot (29)

Screenshot (30)

Screenshot (31)Screenshot (32)Screenshot (33)Screenshot (34)Screenshot (35)Screenshot (38)

Find the exact Interface folder with your IP address.

Note : your network IP maybe different with IPv4 address, if you use hosted network connection. that you can check with network settings.

Screenshot (39)

Screenshot (40)



Once you have find your exact folder, select that folder and move to right side section, then you need to  create a new DWORD in the registry and name it with TcpAckfrequency.

Screenshot (43)

Screenshot (44)

Right click on ” TcpAckfrequency ” then modify value to “1”

Screenshot (45)

Screenshot (46)


  • Set up Game Options.

Game’s video settings are consists of it performance, settings like rendering, lightings, texturing and resolution are the main options. You may face lag, If you do not control the settings of these, depending on the capabilities of your computer.    Maximum try to use defaults settings for the best performance. If you do, each of the settings are reduced as well, can increase your computer’s performance.


  • Contact your ISP (internet service provider )

There are lot of people enjoying Internet via wireless connection. As well as a delay may be due to the use of a wireless connections. In this case broadband internet connections can provide instant and stable access. Nevertheless choosing a good quality router can also helps prevent losing data while play online games. Use maximum best Internet service. Nevertheless a slow bandwidth connection may be caused by network-related fault , so you need to contact your ISP.

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