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iTunes on Windows 10

iTunes on Windows 10, which is once exclusively available only on Mac or other apple devices with ios is now available on latest windows version. Recently Microsoft announce the arrival of iTunes on Windows Store. Windows 10 and Windows 10s users will get the complete iTunes experience including Apple music as well as full support for the iPhone. iTunes is an enormous shop features new music, videos in addition to TV SET, software, eBooks’, iTunes lessons, podcast, radio etc.. In addition with a simple user interface. The music and video you buy from the iTunes Store on your PC is through the iTunes desktop app. iTunes on Windows 10

Here we show you how to download install and setup iTunes for Windows10. iTunes on Windows 10

1) Download iTunes from Apple: iTunes on Windows 10
Open your favorite browser and search for
Once you open the website there you can find 2 tabs download 32bit and 64 bit. Most people are running 64 bit version of windows computer, so click on the 64bit version  and save. Once you finished downloading click on run and go ahead and initialize the installation of ITunesiTunes on Windows 10

2) Installing iTunes: iTunes on Windows 10
A small iTune window pops up and here you can choose the default settings option or you can change the default settings. There is option for choosing the proper language that you prefer, after making your selection go-ahead and click on install button. In this point your computer starts installing iTunes on your system depending upon your internet speed it may take couple of seconds to minutes. Once your installation is over click on Finish button pops up in the new window. iTunes on Windows 10

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3) Setup iTunes on your computer: iTunes on Windows 10
You must restart your system for configuration changes made to iTunes to take effect. Lets restart your computer by clicking yes on the pop up window. After you restart your computer iTunes is completely installed on your computer and you can see the iTune icon on your desktop. Click on iTunes icon Click the option to Accept the terms of the License Agreement, and then click Next. This will redirect you to the iTunes page and you are ready to go. iTunes on Windows 10

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