Why iphone wont start, Fix for all iPhone series or versions

Why iPhone wont open and how to fix it

If your iPhone wont start or is frozen sometimes, we can recover it using a few steps given below, but in some cases your screen is totally black and you can still hear it ring or feel it vibrate chances that it is a display issue. First step is to check your battery if its running low of charge plug in your device and let it charge for up to one hour then try switching on if it doesn’t help, Below are some steps which may help you to  turn on your iPhone.


Hold down the home button and power button simultaneously and wait  until you see the apple log pop up


Hold down the power button for 3 seconds and after that press the home button and hold the both button continuously while you see the apple logo pop up and  release it after that, don’t touch it so it can boot up


There are chance that your backlight display cable got dislodged like instance if you drop your phone, so what you can do is to push firmly below the back side (below camera) and try to turn on your phone, chances for your phone to back on display. You can also try this method by removing the back case.


Put your phone into dfu mode and restore it

DFU mode:

  • Turn off device
  • Prepare to press power and Home button in 5 seconds
  • Hold power and Home button for 10 seconds
  • Release power button after 10 seconds
  • Hold home button for another 10 seconds

Here you can find a pop up opens saying successfully entered DFU mode

If these steps don’t help or still iPhone wont start , contact Apple support to set up service.

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