iPhone running slow? here is the best step by step solution

iPhone running slow

How to speedup iPhone| Fix iPhone running slow 

iPhone is Smartphone marketed by Apple a reputed brand trusted all over the world. Its famous for its quality of hardware and software, Apple has released eleven generations of iPhone models with its IOS operating system. Usually iPhones operates smoothly and faster than majority of smartphones. Due to its high level processors and hardware but sometimes we face difficulties in using iphone running slow. Like it became bit sluggish and slower than usual.

All computing devices are prone to slowing down overtime as their memory fills up and extra software is installed. But iphone was less affected by this because of the way they use their memory. But overtime it shows some reduction in speed than a brand new iphone like the app takes much time to open and shows lagging in perfomance. iPhone running slow

By using the following tips you can speedup easily from iPhone running slow.

Updating IOS. iPhone running slow

Updating IOS to the latest version can help to solve almost all problems. To update IOS, go to settings then general there you can find a software update option tap it on

Clearing the RAM Storage. iPhone running slow

You can improve RAM by clearing some memory space for that go to setting > general>iPhone storage there your memory details are displayed on different colors and also find recommendations for saving space there like offloading apps or deleting old messages.  There you can manually deleting the apps that you are no longer using.

Update your Apps. iPhone running slow

Your apps may get old and it would not run smoothly or quickly without an update. To update an App open the App store tap updates and tap update all to update your Apps.

Turn off Background Apps Refresh and Automatic downloads.

Background apps may consumes your RAM and Battery at the same time turning it off can help in the performance go to  settings > General > Back Ground App Refresh and turn it off

You can turnoff automatic downloads by Tap settings >iTunes & Appstores> and turn all the Automatic Downloads off | Things you should keep in apps like social media..

Reduce Transparency and Motion effects. iPhone running slow

Reducing the transparency and motion effects helps to reduce the work load of your processor and RAM you can activate it by going to Settings > General > Accessibility > Reduce Motion and tap there, here you also have a option to stop Auto Playing Message Effects ,from there go back one screen and select Increase Contrast and turn on Reduce Transparency.

Rebooting your iphoneiPhone running slow

If your iPhone has been constantly used for weeks and months give it a break by powering it off and back on. Sometimes a simple reboot will show a difference in performance. iPhone running slow

Clear your Safari cookies and Data: iPhone running slow

Clearing safari cookies and data can help in increasing speed. Go to settings and scroll down to Safari and here you can choose Clear History and Data. Browsing speed up tips

Factory Resetting: iPhone running slow

If the above steps and tips doesn’t seems to work on your device. You can go for a factory resetting which deletes all the data in the iPhone. And bring back the state which you brought it from the store. Since we are deleting every thing on the phone its important to back up the data that you need. iPhone running slow

To restore iPhone to factory settings go to Settings> General > Reset > Erase all Contents and Settings you’ll then have to enter your passcode if you have got one and then confirm that you want to delete all media and data , and reset all settings. iPhone running slow

It takes some minutes to restore completely and when completed the screen automatically on with the welcome screen. iPhone running slow


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