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improve your personality

Having a great personality does not mean trying to resemble others: this is undoubtedly the first consideration to make. Instead, it means understanding what makes you special and living on it. There is always room for improvement, but it is essential to be good with yourself first and foremost. When you meet someone who in your opinion has an interesting personality, probably this feeling comes from the genuineness and calmness that communicates – certainly did not study to be what it is. Moral of the story: be yourself. improve your personality

Always be honest with yourself. Uncomfortable situations may cause discomfort. Don’t try to be different.  In those situations develop confidence and face them, this will gradually improve your personality from interior don’t harbor to your comfort level because life always begins outside comfort level where you learn your potential and great lessons for your life. improve your personality

Try  always to  see the glass half full, be optimistic and smile. A serene person is irresistible. This does not mean that you should be act fake or hide your feelings: if there is something that annoys you deeply, you certainly do not have to smile at it. Just make sure you see the bright side and show others that you are a happy person.

If you try  to do anything to please others, you will hardly make a good impression. It is essential to cultivate a circle of trustworthy friendships, people you love and that return your affection. Do not be a people pleaser for the sole purpose of “increasing number”: choose people who are actually worth to be with you, If it’s only three, it’s still good.

To have an interesting personality, it is necessary to offer interesting topics of conversation. No, you should not  need to study metaphysics, you simply have your passions. If there is something that stimulates you, you will probably be able to talk about it in an exciting way. What you like to do does not count much. Try to read every day ,Watch movies. Search for new hobbies can contribute a lot in developing your personalityimprove your personality

This suggestion is similar to the previous one, when you talk to others, you have to put forward conversation ideas that you think are interesting. Develop an opinion on politics, sports, animals, parenting or any other topic. You do not have to show agreement with your listener, the important thing is to converse in a civil manner. People appreciate the personality of those who can express an opinion articulated on various topics .Having an opinion will help you talk to others and make your conversations more interesting. If a person you’ve just met makes a statement you disagree with, do not be afraid to express your opinion respectfully. improve your personality

You do not have to try to change, but keep in mind to self respect yourself in the way you are. Believing in yourself does not mean becoming extremely outgoing and talkative from one day to the next. Every day, remind yourself that you are a wonderful person. Believe in your personality and this will automatically reflect to others. It is useless to pretend. People feel fascinated by people who transmit sincerity. improve your personality

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People will thank you because you bring a breath of positiveness into their lives. Do not make jokes at the misery of others. Try to bring in a positive vibe in front of the whole world. When you have a problem, try to find fun in it and laugh at those around you instead of showing off and complaining. Everyone will appreciate this part of your personality and you’ll probably be more satisfied with it too. improve your personality

This is essential. No matter your identity: if you’re kind, the only reason a person would hate you is envy. Never be unpleasant: if someone behaves you in an unfair manner, try to imagine the reasons that drive him to behave this way. Perhaps he is facing a very difficult stage in his life, but in reality he may a good person. Try to expect the best from others. You do not have to be immature, it’s okay to have a bit of uncertainty, but this cannot justify a rude attitude towards other. improve your personality

You must try to keep the coolness in any situation. You will earn more respect, especially if you remain calm in situations that generally generate panic among others. Try to take things as they come, without highs or lows. You can learn to do it consciously – others will respect your ability to stay calm and cool. improve your personality

For example, if something bad happens, find ways to put others at ease and make them feel less tense.

Love and Care for others not only makes you a great person but also capable of changing the world around you , bad personalities develops as a result of hatred , envy and anger towards others. Once Mahatma Gandhi said “The weak can never forgive, forgiveness is the attribute of the strong”. improve your personality



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