Convert PDF to Excel Document easy step by step guide

convert PDF to Excel Document

How to convert PDF to Excel Document?

Usually PDF and Excel are used by almost everybody let’s assume that one of your colleagues send you a PDF file instead of a Excel file then how to Convert PDF to Excel Document . Today’s gizbot article gives you tips about how to convert PDF file to Excel file.
For the conversion you have to download Adobe Acrobat DC premium app conversion this is one of top world famous app and through this app you can easily convert your PDF files to Excel. After that follow these steps given below. convert PDF to Excel Document

Download and Install Adobe Acrobat DC’s seven day trail.


Open the software and select Tools tab, then Click on “Export PDF” Icon to convert PDF to Excel Document.


Next stage select -“select file” after that select the file that you want to convert then a list open up and select your desired “spread sheet” that is Excel workbook (xlsx), XML Spreadsheet 2003 (xml) these type of formats.
Step-4 convert PDF to Excel Document

To set the settings of your Excel document click on the gear icon seen on the right side of the selection icon. There are symbols assigned for sorting out data and for worksheet creation. 

If you are done with your settings click on the blue color Export button. Choose where you want to save your Excel sheet.  You can either select a new folder or save in the existing folder.

My blog is only for educational purpose and all my contents made for help support online viewers.  Please let me know your valuable feedback. Thank you. convert PDF to Excel Document

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