Avoid bad odor, Best odor eliminator and underarm odor healer tips

avoid bad odor
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Body odor or the smell of sweat may adversely affect your life in different ways. There are a lot of people suffered from this problem. All of them tried a lot of solutions for this problem but for majority of them these solutions can’t offer them a satisfied result. No other situation is as degrading as someone covers their nose due to your body odor. Many people go through their hard time due to this body odor. Each and everyone have different body aroma while sweat combined with them creates an entirely different odor often a foul smell. Avoid bad odor.

The physical and mental trouble creates by body odor can’t be ignored, those who suffered from them knows how intense they are, So those who suffered from body odor it is very important to find an appropriate solution. Many people depend on spray or deodorant like stuffs to avoid odor but in most case they worsen the situation rather than improving. Though there are some techniques present without any side effects for those who go through hard times due to body odor. Many of these techniques can try even in our kitchen to avoid the odor of sweat, let’s look what they are. avoid bad odor

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Oilavoid bad odor

There are some ways present in oil which can reduce body odor or bad smell of sweat, oil will help you in eliminating all these problems. Massaging armpits using oil for some time and wash it off, will prevent body odor. Coconut oil as well as Lavender oil and green tea tree oil can be used for this. avoid bad odor

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Apple Cider Vinegar: avoid bad odor

Apple Cider Vinegar can use as a control measure against body odor. Take some Apple Cider Vinegar on a cotton swab and apply it on the armpit by doing this often time will help in preventing body odor and gift you a nice body aroma. You can also add water to Apple cedar vinegar if needed. avoid bad odor

Epsom Salt: avoid bad odor

Epsom salt can help you in dealing with body odor. Adding some Epsom salt in the water for bathing will remove all type of body odor and keeps you fresh. avoid bad odor

Fenugreek Teaavoid bad odor

We can find solution for this problem using Fenugreek Tea. Fenugreek Tea can be prepared by adding fenugreek in boiling water, drinking this daily can be very effective in removing body odor and bad smell of sweat as well as flushing out toxins from the body.

Fennel Seeds: avoid bad odor

Fennel Seeds can be used for defending body odor. Take some crushed fenugreek seeds along with a cup of water, honey can also be added depending on your taste. Boil the water mixing with fenugreek seeds.  Add some honey and drink this every day is a great remedy for the entire problem related with body odor.

Green Teaavoid bad odor

Drinking Green Tea regularly offers you a quick solution in body odor. Green tea can treat your body odor and sweat smell besides green tea carries lot of medicinal values which improves a lot of health problems.

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Baking Soda: avoid bad odor

Baking soda is used in a myriad ways for preserving beauty, without a doubt we can say that baking soda can offer great result in preventing body odor. Add some baking soda in the water and bath with this water can keep you away from all sort of problems related with body odor.

Lemon Juiceavoid bad odor

Lemon juice is not used only for drinking but there is no substitution for the role of lemon in preserving beauty. Cut a lemon in to two pieces and rub it gently on the armpit, the citric acid present in lemon can kill bacteria which creates body odor and make you refresh.

Tomato Juiceavoid bad odor

Tomato juice can also use for finding solution for this problem. Try to bath with water mixed with tomato juice seems to be effective in get rid of body odor and can provide pleasant body odor. avoid bad odor

Neem Leavesavoid bad odor

Bathing with water boiled using Neem leaves will make your body odor less along with healthy and refreshed. Almost all problems related to body odor can be improved by using Neem. avoid bad odor

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