How to gain strong Muscles naturally, Best natural bodybuilding supplements

gain strong Muscles naturally

So many youngsters these days wish to have good muscles even if it is not possible to get six packs. The use of dangerous protein powders and supplements to develop muscles are escalating among people but they even know that it creates harmful effects rather than improvement. Here are a list of 10 food which helps to develop muscle and strength naturally. gain strong Muscles naturally.

Egg Yolk:

Egg Yolk is very good for the muscle growth that it contains all essential proteins, Vitamin A, D and E. Consuming egg yolk regularly increase the cholesterol level along with rising the testosterone hormone responsible for stamina in body.

Fish Oil:

Fish Oil is very beneficial in keeping over cholesterol down and raises the level of testosterone. Fish oil which contains omega fatty acids is very good for the growth of muscles.


Salmon fish which is not common in our country can help a lot in the growth and strength of muscles. Salmon fish consists of all necessary proteins and omega fatty acids.

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Red Fruits:

Red Fruits like Apple, Pomegranate and Cherry contain a lot of anti oxidants by eating them regularly will offer a great immunity power also ensures the steady growth of muscles.


Curd contain good bacteria which is important for preserving the overall health of our digestive system, by adding curd in your diet is good for  your health along with the strength of muscle.


Seeds are mostly famous in fiber content, moreover high protein and omega fatty acids. It is one of the best regular in take for getting strong and healthy muscles.

Olive Oil:

Olive oil is enriched with saturated fat which is responsible for the good health of heart, olive oil can help you refresh and eliminate tiredness while workout along with improving the stamina of your body.


Spinach is considered as a healthy food for body, which can protect you from the degeneration of bones and muscles. Spinach can also act as a defender against diseases like Cancer and Heart related diseases.

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Lysopeen is a component in Tomato which is very effective in defending Cancer, moreover help you in workout without being exhausted or tired.


Apple is a rich source of many vital nutrients including Pectin which is responsible for weight loss. Consuming Apple on a regular basis will guarantee you the development and strength of Muscles.

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