Five bad habits, how to get rid from these and becoming a life coach

five bad habits
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Smoking and drinking seems to be the most common bad habits among us. Many times we think about stopping bad habits but it is not so easy as we think. Here are some of the easy ways to get rid of five bad habits which are found in most of us. five bad habits

  1. Heavy drinking habitsfive bad habits

Heavy drinking leads to many serious problems to liver heart and even cancer. Drinking may responsible for sudden exhaustion, head ache and high blood pressure. It is very hard to stop drinking totally at once. For those who really wish to stop drinking must reduce the quantity of alcohol intake at the same time try to drink lot of water before drinking alcohol .It is advisable to drink 2 or 3 glasses of water before started to drink and as much as possible after you had finished drinking. Drink more soft drinks while you gradually reducing the level of alcohol. five bad habits

  1. Smoking:five bad habits

Smoking is responsible for Cancer, heart diseases and lung diseases. The chance of cancer in lungs, mouth, stomach, kidney and urinary bladder are very high for smokers. Smoking occasionally as well as passive smoking (breathing near the smoker) is equally dangerous. five bad habits

Remedies: It is not easy to give up smoking for chain smokers, meeting people who are going through the dangerous effects of smoking may encourage you in giving up. Seeking advice from people who had quit smoking will be effective. five bad habits

  1. Junk Food Habits:five bad habits

Junk food may seems to be one of the reason behind the raise of diseases like cancer on these days. The growth in the people who use junk food like sandwich puffs burger and shawarma are increasing day by day. Junk foods which contain large quantities of sugar, salt, oil, chemical ingredients and processed meat will actually invite disease towards us. Those who are used with junk food it is not so easy to get rid of them. five bad habits

Remedies: Those who wish to quit junk food must first cut down the quantity and after that swap into vegetables, fruits salad and oats regularly. Eat salads while you are carving for junk food, it’s advisable to prepare variety of delicious salads each day moreover whereas you eat junk food try not to eat them directly from the container or packet use a separate plate and use them less as possible. five bad habits

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  1. Nail bitingfive bad habits

Some people can’t live without the habit of biting their nail. Biting of nail results in passing many bacteria’s into the body and results in serious health problems. five bad habits

Remedies: cut the nail properly, use fake nail which can be wear on fingers. Many people bite their nails when they feel stressed so try to avoid those situations. Using nail polishes which has intense odor may prevent you from biting the nail.

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  1. Over Eatingfive bad habits

Over eating may results in developing overweight and often obesity, belly fat and high blood pressure.

Remedies: Never skip your breakfast, eat your breakfast well and eat food in low quantity without filling your belly in a interval of  4-5 hours.s

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