feeling tired after sleep? This may be the reason

feeling tired

Do you ever feel drowsiness and tired after a good sleep? Every one tend to be sleep uninterrupted but for someone they continue feel sleepy and tired after a good sleep, which is not considered as a good indication. Have you ever think about what make your sleep in chaos? feeling tired

According to a study published by Science Journal It is said that the brain perform itself the incredible self cleaning process, which is executed while we sleep. The harmful toxins prone to Alzheimer’s, dementia which affects the nervous systems were flushed out during this phase. This is the base of the sound sleep; these are the reasons if you feel drowsy after a sound sleep. feeling tired

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  1. Dehydration: 

Low water content in your body may result in tiredness and sleepy. Blood pressure also comes down if you don’t drink water at an adequate level also results in decrease of oxygen exchange in brain. This will make you sleepy in the next day so rather than drinking water at night be careful in maintain water in body to a sufficient level throughout the day. feeling tired

  1. Alcohol can also be the villain. feeling tired

The habit of drinking alcohol make you drowsy, while consuming alcohol may help you to sleep more than usual. At the same time alcohol reduce the water content in your body and the chemical content in alcohol will interrupt the sleeping cycle. Your body has to pay huge penalty if you don’t strictly control your alcohol consumption especially at night times. feeling tired

  1. lack of Minerals.feeling tired

Minerals play a key role in maintaining body which includes of controlling sugar level in blood and sustaining the health of muscles. The deficiency of minerals might cause you tiredness; you can overcome these problems by adding more leafy vegetables to your diet. feeling tired

  1. Disorders in the digestive system. feeling tired

Melatonin is the hormone which help in sleep is associated with the chemical compound called Serotonin . The digestion process inside the stomach is responsible for their production. A sound and deep sleep is possible with the sufficient production of Serotonin. So make sure that your digestive system is performing well. Including Fiber rich food can help your digestive system.

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  1. Physical Illness. feeling tired

Physical health problems are also a reason behind the tiredness after sleep. This includes of Thyroid Problems, Iron deficiency or diabetic those who suffer from these kinds of health problems must consult a doctor as soon as possible.  feeling tired

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