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Facebook gonna block nude images of revenge, and developed new master plan to face this type of abuse.

Washington: We all are used with statement, that the porn pictures are spreading through the Facebook. Some people on the basis of their love failure or job jealousy and anger try to spread the nude picture of others. The latest news is that Facebook gonna block nude images and planning with new experiments to prevent this type of abuse. Facebook gonna block nude images

This experiment was carried out in Australia. In any circumstance If you had shared your nude photos or any private clips to someone, and you are feeling frightened of being fraudulently about that picture. Facebook ask you to send your nude picture via messenger. Facebook claims that using this picture, can be create a digital finger print image hashing is the name of the technology used in it. Which create a unique finger print for each images and prevent the spreading of nude picture of the person by some other without consent. If this program works the same nude picture never shown up on Facebook  even if the ex-partner or whoever try to upload it. Facebook gonna block nude images

Facebook gonna block nude images

There arose many complaints from many that their Ex-partners and friends. When their relationship gets worse,with a mind of the action of inflicting hurt and spread nude photos to social media. So Facebook took some reform actions against this practice. Facebook found that this type revenge porn was increasing day by day. Approximately 50,000 cases are reported on the site in a single month. Based on the revenge pornography and Facebook had to disable more than 15,000 accounts. Which was dealing with this type of sexual abuse. This technology was developed with the help of many safety and cyber security experts. From all over the world to prevent sexual abuse through Facebook. And image hashing method which was a showing signs of future success solution to a serious and complicated issue. Facebook gonna block nude images

Latest survey: Australia,US and India are top country list in Facebook abuse.

A new survey revealed, that so many Australians are experienced issue form of revenge sexual harassment. And Facebook was facing a series of dispute brought to a court of law. For adjudication from victims of revenge porn in the US and abroad. Now Facebook and Australian government agencies give hands together in preventing the nude picture and porn abuse. Facebook was getting ready with this new technique to be practical all over the world.

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