Disable UEFI Secure Boot in Windows 64 bit and 32 bit

Disable UEFI Secure Boot

What is UEFI boot and how to disable UEFI secure boot? Disable UEFI Secure Boot

UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) Secure Boot is an boot path validation component of the UEFI specification. It will store embedded validation signature code of the applications like boot loader and drivers etc. Also it will block unknown or bad certificates and application. How ever the signature only verified in the boot stage. The user can enable or disable the UEFI secure option to legacy BIOS compatibility mode with bios setting. Which means, like its older operating system as well as helps to control all the operations, for example Windows 7, XP, Linux, Ubuntu etc..

Windows 8 and windows 10 are not build in the old established bios. After the windows 7 all newly build in operating systems are developed with UEFI Firmware.

When we need to disable UEFI secure boot?

UEFI secure boot is always good for computer performance and stay long with out any damage. But if you try to install some kind of applications such as cracked games or apps in to your computer, You may face error like windows explorer has stopped working.  Nevertheless this error can be fix. If you do the exception for the application’s .exe file, for that you can use the data execution prevention from advanced system settings. In this case if your UEFI secure boot where enabled , it will prevent to add the file in to the exception list.

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How to Disable or Enable UEFI boot mode in windows 10. 

UFE MODE.mp4_snapshot_00.15_[2016.03.26_16.04.29]

Type In the search bar ” Change advanced startup option “,the option will appear in the left side and click on it.

UFE MODE.mp4_snapshot_00.30_[2016.03.26_16.04.52]

Now move down to advanced startup option, there you can see a restart button. In this stage you need to restart the computer.

UFE MODE.mp4_snapshot_00.36_[2016.03.26_16.05.06]

Watch this video Tutorial for more 

UFE MODE.mp4_snapshot_00.50_[2016.03.26_16.05.59]

UFE MODE.mp4_snapshot_00.52_[2016.03.26_16.06.22]

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UFE MODE.mp4_snapshot_00.59_[2016.03.26_16.07.05]

UFE MODE.mp4_snapshot_01.02_[2016.03.26_16.07.15]

UFE MODE.mp4_snapshot_01.12_[2016.03.26_16.07.32]


In this picture specified, you can change the Secure boot policy as Enable or Disable .( watch the video for boot configuration )

UFE MODE.mp4_snapshot_01.50_[2016.03.26_16.08.43]

Hope the method works for you as well, message me your feedback.

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