Windows 10 Cortana randomly popping up ( Search starts automatically )

Cortana randomly popping

How to Stop Cortana randomly popping up issue/ windows search starts automatically in the Windows 10 computer.

Why windows 10 search starts randomly ?

This issue probably affect with the latest updates of the software that support with your device. But some cases this problem could be depends with your laptop touch pad configuration. So it can fix with some tweaks.

How we can stop this disturbing issue.

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Go to the settings, and type mouse or touch pad. On left the side, click on additional settings. Now click on Device settings tab.

now click on the settings. here you can see the properties of the touch pad .Now on T apping section, and uncheck the three – finger tap and four – finger tap.

May be its different on other computer, But you can see these two tap sections on properties. You just need to disable it. And click on the apply button for take changes .

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Also you can try the following method .

Right click on the start menu. Click on device manager . Go to the pointing device section.Now click on touch pad properties. Here you can check for latest updates on the driver tab.

Or you can try to roll back driver to older version.

I hope this tutorial will helps you to solve the problem,. Thank you.

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