Communication skills development, How to communicate efficiently.

communication skills development
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Humans are social beings by nature. The relationship with others gives us multiple benefits, such as understanding, support and increased self-esteem. Knowing how to communicate is essential in every area of ​​our lives and is fundamental for spreading peace and harmony in the world. Its quite common that  we make communication errors, we provoke a negative reaction from our interlocutors. Here we give you some tips for communication skills development.

It’s one of the most incredibly simple things, but it remains one of the most effective things in exchange of words, and looking into the eyes is also an effective way to transmit expertise,  some studies have shown that those who do it are definitely judged to be smarter. Take this habit immediately and does not require practice, or particular skills. Just remember to look for the other’s gaze, and to look him in the eye while talking.

  • Smilecommunication skills development

Do not underestimate the power of a smile, another simple and effective way of conveying cordiality. Also, laugh and tell jokes, People unconsciously reflect the body language of the speaker. If you want to be pleasant, use a positive physical language and people will naturally do the same. communication skills development

  • Show enthusiasm: communication skills development

Together with the smile, show enthusiasm and energy, or charisma while talking, It will not only attract people’s attention, but it is contagious. After spending time with you, people will leave with a warm and pleasant  feeling that will most likely pass to someone else. communication skills development

  • Put the phone away: communication skills development

Keep it out of sight until the conversation or the meeting is over. Pay attention. Look at others. Stop doing what you are doing. No interruptions. This is another simple but effective habit, which can be taken immediately and requires no special effort or ability. communication skills development

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  • Give a firm handshake: communication skills development

Not too strong, or too soft, and without giving the impression of wanting to dominate the other. A research shows how people decide whether they like you or not after a few seconds they have met you. A handshake of the right intensity can contribute a lot to this first impression. communication skills development

  • Call people by name: communication skills development

The next time someone greets you by calling your name or uses it in the middle of the conversation, notice how much you enjoy it.If you have trouble connecting names to faces, use different strategies, such as using images or rhymes associated with the name. Repeat the names of the people numerous times while talking to them. Remembering people’s names can help you build stronger relationships, avoiding uncomfortable situations.

  • Listen: communication skills development

Listen to more than you talk about, “You have two ears, and only one mouth You may apply this concept while communicating. Do not just listen – listen actively .Active listening requires four steps: to hear, interpret, evaluate, respond. communication skills development

  • Work out to get a good posture: communication skills development

Stand and sit upright .A bad posture sends a message of you as uninterested or unapproachable person, If you transmit a negative body language, nobody will come close enough to you .sitting straight is an effective way to demonstrate competence. According to, standing or sitting expansively (wide legs, open arms, leaning forward) not only communicates your ease to others, but also triggers immediate changes in your body chemistry that will make you more energetic; which goes hand in hand with the impression of being competent.

  • Stop Complaining: communication skills development

Having negative people around is exhausting. That’s why you have to keep away from this kind of people because they suck your energy. Being a complaining is instantly repellent. If you realize that you are complaining and others are starting to get distracted, do yourself a favor: change the subject immediately.

  • Conclude the conversation well: communication skills development

The final words of a speech can leave a lasting impression on a person. So you see that they are the right ones. Leaving people with positive statements. Such as “It was nice to meet you,” “Enjoy a good day,” or, “I will remember our conversation. It’s so easy, and it can make the difference.

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