Can’t read source file, Fix Can’t read from the source file or disk

Can't read source file

How to fix can’t read source file. Can’t read from the source file or disk error while copy files from the DVD or USB or External drive.

Why i getting error “Can’t read source file” ?

It will occurs, if the file sector corrupted or malfunctioned.

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How to fix it?. Can’t read source file

This video will helps you to fix the file copy error . Can’t read source file
Options 1: Using power data recovery tool. It could be fix for DVD or USB or External Drive. Can’t read source file
Option 2: Disk repair,  only for USB or External Drive. Can’t read source file

Option 1:  Can’t read source file

  1. Download the free version of Power data recovery tool, you can retrieve 1 GB of data with this free version. Otherwise you need to buy premium version of the tool.
  2. Now Install the software
  3. Then run the tool, and choose from which partition you want to recover
  4.  Don’t check all files or folder because it will increase size.Only choose the file that encounter the problem.

Option 2: Can’t read source file

Right click the driver then go to the properties, Now choose Tools tab and perform a error check by using scan drive.

After retrieving your files, you need to format the external driver or USB . To format the disk you can follow this bellow steps.

1.Connect the device to computer. Can’t read source file

2.If you are using windows 8 or later version, then right click on the start menu icon Click Disk Management.

Or you can try the following steps to access disk management .

Go to the “Control Panel”. Select “Administrative Tools”. Select “Computer Management”. it will be pop up a new window, now locate the “Disk Management”Can’t read source file

3. Right-click on the drive or USB device to format and click on Format.

4. Select the file system and set the cluster size, and click OK to format the disk.

I hope this method could be helpful for who facing the issue. If you have any questions or suggestion, please post your comment. Can’t read source file

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