Breast cancer, How to recognize whether you have this

breast cancer

Symptoms to identify if you have Breast Cancer.

Breasts are considered as an important factor in feminine beauty. But sometimes these breasts may pave way to the end of many women in the form of breast cancer. Today breast cancer become one of the major disease affected to women; like every other types of cancer, breast cancer can be cured completely if it is identified and treated in the initial stage. Therefore importance of cancer check up is very relevant especially on the breast for women.

This disease affects the axillary lymph node will spread only gradually, the tumor in the chest requires about 6-8 years to grow into 1 cm. The test for breast cancer is known as Mammography and women above 40 years old must do this test, but it is good for them who have any family members suffered from cancer on the breast, colon cancer, ovary patients or women who get pregnant after 30 years to do this test before the 40’s. The possibility for this type of cancer is high in women who don’t have any children.

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Without the help of Mammography each women can do the breast cancer test themselves and doing this regularly will help to identify breast cancer in its starting stage. Check the breast for any tumors or lumps while bathing and it’s easy to identify them in wet skin. Also check breasts in front of the mirror for any difference or changes. Also you can raise your hands and find out any symptoms.

Common symptoms and signs which may helps you to find if you have this cancer disease:

If you feels any pain, lumps or tumors in your breast. Or any kind of fluid coming out of your breast. It is very important to consult a doctor and take further tests and treatment.

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