Body Back Pain Reasons, Symptoms And Treatment

Body Back Pain

Body Back Pain

The knowledge about back pain and related medical conditions are almost generalized these days. But it’s seen that there is no decrease in the number of patients who was suffered from back pain. But seems the number of patients increases periodically. Change in the life style habits, things related to workplaces and inadequate exercise etc are the main reason behind back pain. It is remarkable that the technical knowledge and technical skill in the treatment had developed so far. But the basic reason behind back pain remains same without further change. Follow the article to determine the body back pain reasons.

Pressure developed in the neck and backsideBody Back Pain

The injuries in joints, bones or lower back may cause pressure in the backside and the person who suffered from this pressure and they practice activities like unscientific way of lifting weight may results in the complication of situation. Those who in this situation continue to do activities like this may results in the complication of Body Back Pain . IT professionals who sit in front of the computer for long period, Neuro surgeons who stand long hours performing operation are more likely to have this medical condition.

Pain in the nerve due to the dislocation of disc. Body Back Pain

It is commonly caused by accidents or by the degeneration of disc over time. Severe pain in lower back, upper back and parts of leg and hand muscles are the main symptoms.

This pain is experienced in the sides of hands and legs in all most everyone. But according to the condition of the nerve which is affected by this condition. The pain is experienced in any one area of the body or more as result of body back pain.

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Injury in the nerves caused by bones. Body Back Pain

The development of this condition is related to Spinal stenosis. (The medical condition in which shock is created to the spinal cord. Or related nerves by the narrow bones or bone edges present in the spinal canal). And Spondylolisthesis (The condition in which one vertebra in backbone slides over the other vertebra below it). Besides this by birth, due to injuries and problems related to Rheumatism on arm joints may results in this surface pain .

Kidney related illness, pregnancy,tumors and the tumors developed in the ovary can also be the reason behind body back pain. Uncomfortable generated by the blood circulation in brain will cause neck pain.

Some heart problems, Respiratory disorders and Rheumatism can be the reason behind the pain in hand joints.

When to consult doctor and undergo expert treatment

Falling from heights, Road accidents, slipovers which injures hand or leg, Feel difficulties in standing or get up, Experiencing weakness in fingers or hand and arm joints, Bone injuries from bruises and fracture, sensing pain in rest stage, Cancer patients, Fever, unnecessarily losing in weight If you ever came across any of these mentioned symptoms or condition it is advisable to consult your family doctor and undergo thorough checkup as soon as possible. Body Back Pain

In case you needed a specialist treatment he will suggest you to a Neuro Surgeon ,Neurologist or Orthopedic Spine Surgeon. Body Back Pain

According to the specialist suggestion you have to go through some tests like X-Ray, M R I Nerve Conduction Study (NCS), Electromyography(EMG). Body Back Pain

Treatment: Body Back Pain

The fundamental and most important purpose behind the treatment is to bring back. The patient to the normal life as soon as possible. Exercises for strengthening back and abdomen muscles will be instructed to the patient after considering the intensity of pain. Body Back Pain

*Use of medicines

* Transcutaneous Nerve Stimulation Treatment along with Hotfermentation Physiotherapy and Exercises

*Bed rest for a definite period of time


The bone which causes pain is removed (through Laminectomy, hemilaminectomy and Foraminotomy) and disc which is dislocated ( through Laminectomy , Hydrodiscectomy and Endoscopydiscectomy) is removed and release the nerve which generate the pain is the main part carried out in each surgery. Body Back Pain

Spondylolisthesis (vertebra slides over one another) can be bring back to its previous location through surgery  like Traumatic Spondylolisthesis. Body Back Pain

There are effective medical technologies available for these treatment today. And the noticeable fact is that all patients suffered from troubles related to disc doesn’t need to undergo a surgery. Three in one of all adults are diagnosed with herniated disc through MRI test but only three percentages is found in the state of experiencing pressure in nerves. Body Back Pain

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